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Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Heroes" BANNED on YouTube

ahhhhhhhhh...the mark of a TRUE conservative is to have one's vid banned on YouTube! And I have achieved it! Truly a badge of honor. I uploaded the flash version on the main site here





At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Paul,

If you are interested I am blogging again. My writers block and lack of interest have finally wanned. Just got it up tonight. So I begin again.


At 8:02 AM, Anonymous iamericanright said...

Hi Layla!!!!

The answer is quite simple. Victory. First thing is to secure and PROTECT the civilian population. Over 80% showed great courage in the two major votes that they had. We (Washington) failed to secure them because we (Washington) wanted to be oh so Politically Correct. It is wrong and despicable for the ISG to blame the Iraqis after showing such courage.

Why don't they do it themselves? Well, if 150,000 of the finest soldiers in the World haven't done it, don't expect disarmed (by us) citizens to. The militias control the neighborhoods, which is something we (Washington) never even attempted to do. This was our major mistake.

Now we have two options. The 15% or so of the terrorists (ie the Mahadi)...wipe the bastards out. Control the populace. Arm the populace. And THEN work to establish a functioning republic.

Secondly...Secure the borders, to include incursions into, Iran and Syria. Then again, George Bush control a border?

The Second option is to declare victory, leave, and when it goes to hell, blame the Iraqis.

2 options. Get out and probably get nuked a bit down the line...or fight, which our soldiers have been doing superbly, but with tied hands by our glorious political leaders.

I would opt for victory, as I have no desire to see my family fried because we could not stand up to a few middle ages thugs.


ps....Still waiting on word from the Army. Irregardless of yes or no, I will be in by June, either as an officer or enlisted.


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