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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How 'bout a good ole fashioned purge?

Despite Rush's go get 'em cheerleading, WE are going to take a BATH in November.

Conservatives should go out and vote, and after said drubbing, organize for the primaries in 2008. There are more than a few "bums" to bring down......organize now, support organizations like the Club for Growth and we won't have to hold our noses over things such as.....

2300 earmarks....

Billions in UNWANTED military spending (unwanted by the PENTAGON). These nifty pet projects will be funded by taking money out of programs that the miltary DOES need, such as night site devices, etc. Great way to fight a war.

Bush and the geniouses at the WH funding such stalwarth loyal fellows such as Chaffee...while actually contributing to opposition candidates, and doing everything possible to ensure defeat for conservative candidates....and if said candidates still manages to win a primary, then having a tissy fit, and still not supporting them.

Refusing to prosecute such patriots as the NY Times when they break little laws, such as the Espionage Act. (and I thought we were at war....silly me).

Refusing to "lower ourselves" and hit the left every time they lie thru their teeth about everything from Iraq to tax reform.

We need to point out to the voters, that should conservatives win.......

Congress may actually get something done.

We may actually get a speaker who, after accepting responsibility, points out the opposition's handling of Congressmen's misdeeds, such as Barney Frank's 17 year old lover renting Frank's house out as a male whore house....Dick Armee was the one who came out and defended the way, may Foley rot in hell.

We may actually start to "lower ourselves" as a party and actually FIGHT for what we beleive in, for a change....instead of not bothering to bring judicial nominees, or controversial legislation to the floor, because we may loose....Lord help us if we made the Dems go on record with votes against items that have wide popular appeal.

We may even find the intestinal fortitude to secure our borders, and instead of mouthing the Chest Thumping Super Power Mantra, for once, act like a soverign nation with at leas the same rights as Mozambique (whose literacy rate among adults exceeds Detroit, by the way).

Hold gays and lesbians to the same standards as "straight" folks, instead of don't ask don't telling ourselves into Prison, in the name of the "big tent".

Actually making sure that congressional staffs, and burocrats in federal agencies do their jobs, instead of sabotaging directives which their little Stalinist hearts may not agree with.

Weed out the faction in the Pentagon who want convictions of our soldiers in Iraq, based upon political expediency rather than actual wrong doing....

A President who understands that when he sends our troops into battle, he has an obligation to protect them and us from not only foreign but domestic enimies as well.

A President who will push his agenda with facts and fight HARD for it.....instead of cute little cliche's such as "Hispanics are hardworking...etc"....Can anyone tell me of a nationality that is NOT hardworking?

Explain to the citizenry, that if they don't want to work at slave wages, and actually be able to aford the finer things in life, such as food and gas, we as a nation had better pull ourselves out of the 2d rate country we have become and start developing our natural resources again, demanding that everyone actually earn what money they receive. The Chinese opened new drilling in several places around the include the gulf of mexico......Most areas of the world from where we get our oil, do not like us very much........Lord help us if we ever got the intestinal fortitude to drill our own.

A Congress and President who have the attitude of why we can do something instead of why we cannot.

The facts are thus, oh my bretheren.......many on the religious right sold out for "faith based initiatives, alienating our natural libertarian allies. N. Korea exploded a nuke(s) on the GOPs watch. Osama is still breathing, under the GOPs watch. Sadr is still breathing under the GOPs watch. Russia and China are developing and cementing their alliance, against US under the GOPs watch. Several Latin American Nations, to include Nicaragua have gone socialist to communist, under the GOPs watch. Former allies such as Germany and France, have repeatedly stabbed us in the back, Iraq resulting in the blood of our soldiers being spilled, to the cheers of their citizens, on the GOPs watch. Etc...Etc...Etc....

So now we get to have the Dems in power. Most of the GOP dim-bulbs in the Congress will probably bend over backwards to work with them "for the good of the country". Remember them for 2008. They will pull us further down the path to economic ruin, and may get many of us killed in the process.

And last, but not least....Ohio. Purge baby! THIS is where conservatives should concentrate their efforts. From Gov Taft, to cry me a river Sen Voinovich....the epitome of the corrupt and incompetant RINO paradise. With very very few exceptions (such as Congresswoman Schmidt)....throw them out!...recall them, nail them hard in the primaries. Re-make the party there....and with a bit more hard work...maybe we'll all become really fortunate and the afore mentioned Schmidt would be our first Woman who would probably be up there with Reagan!




At 2:16 PM, Anonymous Layla said...

Hi there Paul! Well, as always in your uncanny way you have summed it all up and quite accurately too I might add.

Are you excepted back into the service or do you not know yet?


BTW I am not blogging anymore. Just doing freelance writing. The pay isn't too bad either I might add!

At 11:44 AM, Blogger moderator said...

hi layla!

Fantastic that you are getting freelance work! Knock 'em dead! Send me an email, as you addresses that I have are gone, and I'll let you know that status of my great military adventure, and when I am finally in!


ps....say hi to huggles for me!


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