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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When We Were Men

Once upon a time, there were Nazis that were not exclusive to the Islamo-Fascists. Just before the outbreak of WWII, said American Nazis were to hold a rally in New York. The master race was coming, the final solution was at hand, and in THIS country, they would ensure the gutters of NY ran with Jewish, Catholic, et al's blood.

What did our fathers do about this? Did they moan and whine aka Voinovich and Taft? Did they appease, with pleasant little hyperboles (look Mary, I got spell check! hee..hee) aka President Bush? Nope.

Walter Winchell, the legendary radio commentator, contacted Meyer Lansky, and told him of the rally. Lansky in turn, asked for help from his friend Charley Luciano, founder of the "Commission" and the modern day Mafia.

Suffice it to say, that although nobody was killed, the area's hospitals did a brisk business that evening, and the rally never got off of the ground. In fact, it was the last attempt of our home grown Fascist Scum, to meet in public again.

Now, we have protests in support of Iran, Syria, HAMAS, and Hizbullah. The same Hizbullah, that hides amongst civilians, while shooting, so that innocent lives and casualties may be bartered for good press, in this case being bad press, against Israel and the United States. The same Hizbullah, who murdered over 200 US Marines who were guilty of the crime of being peace keepers. The same Hizbullah, and other Nazi Scum, who blow up Mosques, kids, unarmed women, and just about anyone else who cannot fight back.

Now, during WWII, we had prominent Italian Americans and German Americans, denouncing the fascist regimes of the old Countries, and making it quite clear where THEIR loyalty stood. NOW, we have CAIR, ANSWER, and assorted other mass murderer wanna-be's, who are to a large extent American Citizens, making it quite clear where THEIR loyalty stands.

Is it so difficult, to bring a few buddies, as Lansky before us, perhaps unfurl and Israeli flag, or some pics of a few Islamo-Fascists who have been sent to meet their maker, and then be forced to "defend" themselves from the inevitable physical attack?`

Where are the civil suites against these animals, and the Micheal Moores of the Left? Surely, every soldier in uniform over the past few years, can show duress caused by these animals. Surely, Americans who have been the victims of these animals can show cause for damages.

We are at one of those crucial junctions in the Republic's history. We have had an enormous amount of freedom and the highest standard of living in the history of the world. And now the scum from the gutter are attempting to take it all away.

Is the Republic not worth fighting for anymore?




At 10:12 AM, Blogger The Columnist said...

Hi Paul,

In this day of politically and socially correct jargon-appeasing of minorities, fear of offending 'Muslims' and not having the guts to call a spade a spade--though our republic is worth fightihng for I am afraid the men are wooses and our republic will be lost in the war of words instead of the battlefield where G.W. Bush had originally intended this war to be fought.

The cowboy from Texas has turned into a Washington, D.C. politician and unfortunately we may all pay a dear price -- political correctness instead of moral right.


At 6:56 PM, Blogger Mary Grabar said...

Funny how anti-Semitism is viewed by the Left. They love to falsely charge Christians with anti-Semitism. At a debate between an atheist and a Christian at the University of Georgia, the atheist falsely claimed that the Nazis were Christians (so anti-Semitism by Christians is bad, but not by others). Anti-Semitism to them is bad only when they can attribute it to Christians. Is there a continuum in their estimation where Christians are the lowest, then Jews, then all others?

That picture of the man leaping from the Trade Center Tower says it all, Paul. It illustrates unmitigated evil in the same way that pictures from the concentration camps did. It brings back the television footage in those horrible days, but even on the following days (9/13/01) I had colleagues telling me about how they "explained" to classes reasons for the attacks (based on their reading of the New York Times). To sit back and rationally explain that the terrorists need to be "understood" is unfathomable. No one would dare say that about the Nazis (even those same idiotic professors and graduate teaching assistants). Great post.


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