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Saturday, August 26, 2006

What The Hell Is Going On Up There?



Sources in the Pentagon have been leaking false statements about the Haditha killings to the media. Fearing political correctness and heat from the media, they have concluded that they need a conviction of the Marines being investigated, irregardless of the facts presented.

Point: Insurgents filmed the entire attack, edited it, and shopped around until they found someone in the Western Press gullible enough to reference it.

Point: Marine investigators were on the scene within 30 minutes, and collaborated the Marine's report of what happened, with photos.

Point: DNA testing which would prove how and from whom the victims were killed, has been denied by family members of the victims.

Point: Insurgents purposely fired from civilian targets engaging the Marines in a fire-fight, as is the doctrine of the insurgents.

Point: Those killed at Haditha took fire from the Marines AND Insurgents.

Point: Rules of engagement were followed, and no civilians were targeted.

Point: The last sentence of the investigation; " "The follow-on small arms fire between insurgents and coalition forces contributed to the civilian deaths."
was left out of the released report by the Division PAO.

This is perversion. If the President wants to let Kennedy and Reid run the Senate, that is his problem. If the President only has the guts to whine and complain when the NY Times breaks the Espionage Act(s) that is also his perogative. But letting our Patriots, risk the death penalty for something that THEY DID NOT DO, because he is afraid of the press, or WILL NOT prosecute traitors in the Pentagon is beyond comprehension. Secretary Rumsfeld should immediately find out who, in the Pentagon, is trying to LYNCH our Marines, and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Bush should be on this personally. If they will not, then they should make room for someone who will.

The insurgents, in this case as others, are guilty of war crimes for involving civilians in battle, and the WH should go after them and try them with at least the same vigor that they are trying to FRAME our Marines.

Are these the sources that Congressman Murtha has been quoting as he slandars and attmepts to have our boys executed for HIS OWN POLITICAL GAIN?

This goes way beyond politics. To send our sons and daughters to war, and fail to stand by them is cowardice and a betrayal to every uniformed person in the Military, and treason to the American People.



At 4:16 PM, Blogger Mary Grabar said...

I heard about this on Michael Savage. But your post, Paul, is the only other place I've seen mention coming from "our side." Where is Fox News? They've been all over that creepy Karr fellow who claims to have murdered Jonbenet Ramsey, but have virtually ignored this lately.

At 6:16 PM, Blogger The Columnist said...

Hi Paul,

Seems to me the hypocrits that fill the Pentagon, the Senate, the Congress and not limited to the White House including the President himself have been talking the talk. Sadly this is ending up to be about politics. Unfortunately I believe that is all this has been about.



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