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Thursday, August 17, 2006

We're Finally Fighting AND Things ARE Looking Up!

First: Conservatives defeat more than a few RINOs in the recent state primaries (despite the White House giving massive support to said RINOs, to include recorded telephone messages by President Bush). Second: More than a few Republican incombants and challengers have come out swinging against the Left, and I mean SWINGING HARD!

We, as a Party, may still loose the House or Senate, but will not only gain Conservative seats, but those "kinda Conservatives" are moving more staunchly into the fold.

Why may we still lose our Majorities? RINOs aren't doing so hot. This shouldn't come as any surprise, especially in the North East, where, unless they are total space cases like Senator Feingold (Ohhhhhhhh Pahleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze let him be the 2008 Nominee!) there really isn't much difference between these wanna-be Democrats and the Democrats themselves. So of course, the Lefties are going to vote in their own, and the Republicans will sit it out. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd....due to Brother Bush's absence from any substantial debate, (read that weak-knee'd) he is about as popular out there as Richard Nixon was.

Then why is this good news? This is good news because we are growing candidates again, at the grass roots level. This is good news because Republicans worth the name are fighting and fighting hard. This is good news because, not just one, but a new generation of Ronald Reagans are being developed and deployed. We may get hurt come this November, but the future looks brilliantly good for the Republic.

After this election, very very few Republicans will dare apologize for being Americans. The vast majority will go for conservative pricipals of defending the Republic, strengthening her by taking power AWAY from government (and putting it into the hands of the People, where it belongs), and pulling no punches in calling treason for what it is, and calling down the savages who would destroy us all, for what they are.

More on the movers and shakers, the organizations, and the candidates who are making this happen in tomorrows post.

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At 10:07 AM, Blogger The Columnist said...

Hi Paul,

This certainly makes one ponder. In light of the latest news this morning via Fox News Channel; Michael 'moron' Moore has threatened Hillary Clinton stating that if she does not change her 'pro war' stance she can look to happen to her what happened to Lieberman. Nice huh? This is the party that wants to take over the war on terror and feed us to the wolves. Pathetic.



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