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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Billions Lost?

Just got an email from DOD. Seems that we are closing another fascility in Germany. This one will affect 14 soldiers, a little over 40 DOD civilians and a few Local National Employess. Savings should be about 9 million per year.

Nice number, this 9 million. Why?...I thought you'd never ask.....

In the early '90s, after the Soviet Union fell and Germany reunited, the US had a huge draw-down. According to several articles in Stars and Stripes, one year, we closed and turned over to the German government over 2 BILLION dollars worth of fascilities. Living up to their end of the status of forces agreement, the German Govt, of course reimbursed us.....for 9 Million dollars.

Only lost 1 Billion and 9 Hundered and 91 Dollars on that deal!

I wonder how much we're bribing they, and the rest of Europe, for their alleged cooperation in the "War on Terror". You know...Europe, who think that they are sooooooooooo much better than the US, who, after we defended their sorry asses for 50 years (and continue to do so) stabbed us in the back from the Iraq War back all the way to Vietnam; but won't spend the money to defend themselves, as long as we do, and are never tooooooooooooo good to extort money from us.




At 4:01 PM, Blogger The Columnist said...

Hi Paul,

That is how the story goes. Sad but true. America looks weaker because when you have to bribe, that means you are just as low as the low.

I wonder how the government here continues to sleep at night. While they cut government funding again regarding welfare recipients so they could brag that the welfare reform is working; in the meantime they sent six hundred million dollars plus to the Jordanian government and for what I might ask. Fox and CNN reported that the government sent Jordan the money but failed to explain why.

Do you suppose another bribe was in the working? It is no wonder that the war on terror is beginning to appear to be a failed effort.

While the terrorists plot to kill the U.S. is bribing the some in the Middle East and Europe to help us do our bidding.


At 6:41 AM, Blogger Mary Grabar said...

Paul, these facts deserve wider distribution. Yes, our "allies" act like spoiled children, just demanding more and more and refusing to do their share.


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