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Monday, August 28, 2006

Goodbye Schnitzel Hello Camels

Just a quick note....

My paperwork is now being processed for going back in to Active Duty Service in the US Army. Assuming it goes thru ok, (just made the age restriction, hee..hee) once it does then no more "political posts". Wish me luck!



Saturday, August 26, 2006

What The Hell Is Going On Up There?



Sources in the Pentagon have been leaking false statements about the Haditha killings to the media. Fearing political correctness and heat from the media, they have concluded that they need a conviction of the Marines being investigated, irregardless of the facts presented.

Point: Insurgents filmed the entire attack, edited it, and shopped around until they found someone in the Western Press gullible enough to reference it.

Point: Marine investigators were on the scene within 30 minutes, and collaborated the Marine's report of what happened, with photos.

Point: DNA testing which would prove how and from whom the victims were killed, has been denied by family members of the victims.

Point: Insurgents purposely fired from civilian targets engaging the Marines in a fire-fight, as is the doctrine of the insurgents.

Point: Those killed at Haditha took fire from the Marines AND Insurgents.

Point: Rules of engagement were followed, and no civilians were targeted.

Point: The last sentence of the investigation; " "The follow-on small arms fire between insurgents and coalition forces contributed to the civilian deaths."
was left out of the released report by the Division PAO.

This is perversion. If the President wants to let Kennedy and Reid run the Senate, that is his problem. If the President only has the guts to whine and complain when the NY Times breaks the Espionage Act(s) that is also his perogative. But letting our Patriots, risk the death penalty for something that THEY DID NOT DO, because he is afraid of the press, or WILL NOT prosecute traitors in the Pentagon is beyond comprehension. Secretary Rumsfeld should immediately find out who, in the Pentagon, is trying to LYNCH our Marines, and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Bush should be on this personally. If they will not, then they should make room for someone who will.

The insurgents, in this case as others, are guilty of war crimes for involving civilians in battle, and the WH should go after them and try them with at least the same vigor that they are trying to FRAME our Marines.

Are these the sources that Congressman Murtha has been quoting as he slandars and attmepts to have our boys executed for HIS OWN POLITICAL GAIN?

This goes way beyond politics. To send our sons and daughters to war, and fail to stand by them is cowardice and a betrayal to every uniformed person in the Military, and treason to the American People.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

More Billions Lost?

Just got an email from DOD. Seems that we are closing another fascility in Germany. This one will affect 14 soldiers, a little over 40 DOD civilians and a few Local National Employess. Savings should be about 9 million per year.

Nice number, this 9 million. Why?...I thought you'd never ask.....

In the early '90s, after the Soviet Union fell and Germany reunited, the US had a huge draw-down. According to several articles in Stars and Stripes, one year, we closed and turned over to the German government over 2 BILLION dollars worth of fascilities. Living up to their end of the status of forces agreement, the German Govt, of course reimbursed us.....for 9 Million dollars.

Only lost 1 Billion and 9 Hundered and 91 Dollars on that deal!

I wonder how much we're bribing they, and the rest of Europe, for their alleged cooperation in the "War on Terror". You know...Europe, who think that they are sooooooooooo much better than the US, who, after we defended their sorry asses for 50 years (and continue to do so) stabbed us in the back from the Iraq War back all the way to Vietnam; but won't spend the money to defend themselves, as long as we do, and are never tooooooooooooo good to extort money from us.



Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Illegal Immigration....1 million deported.....

Interesting week. I had previously read Buckley's comments on illegal immigration, the gist of which being, that to deport all of the illegals would cause an unbearable trail of tears. I have, and always will respect WFB, but he is over 80 years old, and at that age, everybody deserves to get a bit sentimental, especially a patriot such as he.

Thennnnnnnnnnnn.....I heard on Right Talk Radio what happened in 1954. You see, the US had a major problem with illegal immigration then as now. Buuuuuuut we had a President, who among other things, had conquered Nazi Europe the decade before. Hence, intestinal fortitude. What Ike did, was deploy several thousand troops and immigration officials into states where the political fallout would be the least, and deported 1 million illegals. They were out of the country befor the Left had any chance for a tizzy fit. An additional couple of times that number made their way back home, across the border as well, after word went out that the govt was serious this time.

Pity we don't have another Ike at present. If Ike were president today, instead of worrying about the border, and our own GOP's chances in the November elections, we would be anticipating the destruction of what was left of the democratic party.



Friday, August 18, 2006


Just read that france (small f intentional) is sending a "disappointing" 400 troops as part of a Peace Keeping Force, on the Israeli-Lebanese border.

That's just great. All the United States needs now, is 400 more enemy troops on Israel's northern border!

Photo from



Thursday, August 17, 2006

We're Finally Fighting AND Things ARE Looking Up!

First: Conservatives defeat more than a few RINOs in the recent state primaries (despite the White House giving massive support to said RINOs, to include recorded telephone messages by President Bush). Second: More than a few Republican incombants and challengers have come out swinging against the Left, and I mean SWINGING HARD!

We, as a Party, may still loose the House or Senate, but will not only gain Conservative seats, but those "kinda Conservatives" are moving more staunchly into the fold.

Why may we still lose our Majorities? RINOs aren't doing so hot. This shouldn't come as any surprise, especially in the North East, where, unless they are total space cases like Senator Feingold (Ohhhhhhhh Pahleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze let him be the 2008 Nominee!) there really isn't much difference between these wanna-be Democrats and the Democrats themselves. So of course, the Lefties are going to vote in their own, and the Republicans will sit it out. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd....due to Brother Bush's absence from any substantial debate, (read that weak-knee'd) he is about as popular out there as Richard Nixon was.

Then why is this good news? This is good news because we are growing candidates again, at the grass roots level. This is good news because Republicans worth the name are fighting and fighting hard. This is good news because, not just one, but a new generation of Ronald Reagans are being developed and deployed. We may get hurt come this November, but the future looks brilliantly good for the Republic.

After this election, very very few Republicans will dare apologize for being Americans. The vast majority will go for conservative pricipals of defending the Republic, strengthening her by taking power AWAY from government (and putting it into the hands of the People, where it belongs), and pulling no punches in calling treason for what it is, and calling down the savages who would destroy us all, for what they are.

More on the movers and shakers, the organizations, and the candidates who are making this happen in tomorrows post.

Hilary's photo found on



Wednesday, August 16, 2006

When We Were Men

Once upon a time, there were Nazis that were not exclusive to the Islamo-Fascists. Just before the outbreak of WWII, said American Nazis were to hold a rally in New York. The master race was coming, the final solution was at hand, and in THIS country, they would ensure the gutters of NY ran with Jewish, Catholic, et al's blood.

What did our fathers do about this? Did they moan and whine aka Voinovich and Taft? Did they appease, with pleasant little hyperboles (look Mary, I got spell check! hee..hee) aka President Bush? Nope.

Walter Winchell, the legendary radio commentator, contacted Meyer Lansky, and told him of the rally. Lansky in turn, asked for help from his friend Charley Luciano, founder of the "Commission" and the modern day Mafia.

Suffice it to say, that although nobody was killed, the area's hospitals did a brisk business that evening, and the rally never got off of the ground. In fact, it was the last attempt of our home grown Fascist Scum, to meet in public again.

Now, we have protests in support of Iran, Syria, HAMAS, and Hizbullah. The same Hizbullah, that hides amongst civilians, while shooting, so that innocent lives and casualties may be bartered for good press, in this case being bad press, against Israel and the United States. The same Hizbullah, who murdered over 200 US Marines who were guilty of the crime of being peace keepers. The same Hizbullah, and other Nazi Scum, who blow up Mosques, kids, unarmed women, and just about anyone else who cannot fight back.

Now, during WWII, we had prominent Italian Americans and German Americans, denouncing the fascist regimes of the old Countries, and making it quite clear where THEIR loyalty stood. NOW, we have CAIR, ANSWER, and assorted other mass murderer wanna-be's, who are to a large extent American Citizens, making it quite clear where THEIR loyalty stands.

Is it so difficult, to bring a few buddies, as Lansky before us, perhaps unfurl and Israeli flag, or some pics of a few Islamo-Fascists who have been sent to meet their maker, and then be forced to "defend" themselves from the inevitable physical attack?`

Where are the civil suites against these animals, and the Micheal Moores of the Left? Surely, every soldier in uniform over the past few years, can show duress caused by these animals. Surely, Americans who have been the victims of these animals can show cause for damages.

We are at one of those crucial junctions in the Republic's history. We have had an enormous amount of freedom and the highest standard of living in the history of the world. And now the scum from the gutter are attempting to take it all away.

Is the Republic not worth fighting for anymore?



Friday, August 11, 2006

Political Correctness 101

The Islamo-Fascist Savages have not been called down to any great extent by our glorious leaders. The following was sent to me by the Federalist Patriot, Mark Alexander. It is in its entirety.

To ensure we Americans never offend anyone -- particularly
fanatics intent on killing us -- law enforcement and security
screeners are not allowed to "profile" people in public places or
security checkpoints. However, they will continue to perform
random searches of 80-year-old women, little kids, airline pilots
with proper identification, Secret Service agents who are members
of the President's security detail, 85-year-old congressmen with
metal hips and even Medal of Honor recipients. But targeting
Middle Eastern male Islamists between the ages 17 and 40
constitutes "ethnic profiling."

Let's pause a moment and review....

In 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by: (a) A salesman from
Utah (b) An construction worker (c) A college student on Spring
Break (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17
and 40.

In 1972, 11 Israeli athletes were killed at the Munich Olympics
by: (a) Your grandmother (b) A Midwest auto-parts dealer (c) A
mom and her 6-year-old son visiting from Indiana (d) Middle
Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1979, the U.S. embassy in Iran was taken over by: (a) A
bluegrass band (b) Dallas Cowboy fans (c) A tour group of
80-year-old women (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the
ages of 17 and 40.

During the 1980's numerous Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon
by: (a) A family on their way to Disney World (b) Jesse Ventura
(c) A Boy Scout Troop (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between
the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1983, the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by: (a)
A pizza delivery boy (b) The UPS guy (c) Geraldo Rivera making up
for a slow news day (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the
ages of 17 and 40.

In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked, and a
70-year-old disabled American passenger was murdered and thrown
overboard by: (a) A girls' choir (b) A hardware store owner (c) A
secretary (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of
17 and 40.

In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a U.S. Navy
diver was murdered by: (a) A Marine officer with two weeks leave
(b) A plumber going to visit his mom (c) A Catholic nun (d)
Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by: (a) A college-bound
freshman (b) A cardiac surgeon on his way to Houston (c) A
waitress (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17
and 40.

In 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed by: (a) A starving
actress (b) A mom with a newborn (c) Twin six-year-old boys (d)
Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 1995, a plot to blow up U.S.-bound international flights over
the Pacific was attempted by (a) Hawaiian school kids (b) An
decorated Vietnam Veteran (c) Twin sisters on their way to
Paducah (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17
and 40.

In 1998, the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by:
(a) A local TV weatherman (b) A dad and his two sons on a ski
trip (c) A widower going to visit his grandchildren (d) Middle
Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2000, 17 sailors died in an attack on the USS Cole (DDG 67) in
Yemen by: (a) A child in a stroller (b) A high school class on
their way to visit Washington, DC (c) Newlyweds on their way to
Miami (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17
and 40.

On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked -- two flown into the
World Trade Centers, one into the Pentagon and one into the
ground in rural Pennsylvania. They were hijacked by: (a) A
retired police officer on a mission trip to Haiti (b) A
firefighter going to Maryland for training (c) An paramedic on
his way to vacation in Hawaii (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males
between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2002 the United States liberated Afghanistan from: (a) USAID
relief workers (b) Jewish Pilgrims (c) Christian missionaries (d)
Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl and other Westerners were kidnapped
and beheaded by: (a) The Peace Corp (b) Scottish clansmen (c)
Cuban refugees (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages
of 17 and 40.

In 2002, more than 330 hostages in Beslan and 130 hostages in
Moscow were murdered in sieges by: (a) Russian exchange students
(b) The Red Guard (c) Church planters (d) Middle Eastern Islamist
males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2003 the United States liberated Iraq from "The Butcher of
Baghdad," but most American military personnel were killed by:
(a) Iraqi school-girls (b) Street vegetable venders (c) Women
without burkas (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages
of 17 and 40.

In 2004, more than 200 Spanish civilians were murdered on trains
by bombs in Madrid, detonated by: (a) Morning commuters (b) A
three-year-old Chinese girl (c) Flamenco dancers (d) Middle
Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2005 more than 50 UK citizens were killed by bombs on trains
in London, detonated by: (a) Rail workers (b) Those unable to
hail taxis (c) Wheelchair-bound grandmothers (d) Middle Eastern
Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2005, there were hundreds of casualties, men, women and
children, killed by bombs in Jerusalem, Riyadh and Amman. These
innocent civilians were murdered by: (a) Construction workers (b)
Farmers (c) Christian missionaries (d) Middle Eastern Islamist
males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2005, the city of Paris, and other European cities experienced
an extended period of riots and destruction. The unrest was led
by: (a) "Youth" (b) Soccer fans (c) Catholic nuns (d) Middle
Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

Since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom, more than 2,500
Americans have been murdered by terrorists. 35,000 Iraqi men,
women and children have also been murdered by terrorists. Most of
the combat and civilians casualties were the result of bombs
detonated in civilian population centers by: (a) Fruit vendors in
Baghdad (b) Disgruntled transit union workers (c) Iraqi
schoolteachers (d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages
of 17 and 40.

In 2006, hundreds of Israeli civilians have been killed by
rockets launched by: (a) the Salvation Army (b) remnants of the
'Jackson Five' (c) the cast of 'Friends' (d) Middle Eastern
Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

In 2006, a plot to blow up 10 U.S.-bound planes from the U.K. was
attempted by (a) members of the royal family (b) Japanese
tourists (c) groupies of the band 'Cream' (d) Middle Eastern
Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

Since 2001, the FBI reports that there are major terrorist cells
still in U.S. urban centers. Several of these cells have been
uncovered and cell members arrested. In every case, the
terrorists cell members were: (a) Southern Baptists
Conventioneers (b) Lutheran Youth Groups (c) Presbyterian Elders
(d) Middle Eastern Islamist males between the ages of 17 and 40.

President George Bush said this week, "America is at war with
Islamic fascists who will use any means to destroy those of us
who love freedom, to hurt our nation." The Council on
American-Islamic Relations issued an immediate objection to the
President's reference to "Islamic fascists". Nihad Awad,
executive director of CAIR protested, "We have to isolate these
individuals because there is nothing in the Koran or the Islamic
faith that encourages people to be cruel or to be vicious or to
be criminal. Muslims world wide know that for sure." In light of
this objection, we are left to ponder why every Islamic leader in
the U.S., and the world, does not publicly condemn every terror
action being undertaken in the name of the god of Islam. Their
silence is deafening...

Between 1970 and present, there were more than 60 other notable
examples of terrorism perpetrated by Middle Eastern male
Islamists between the ages 17 and 40, but we think you get the
point. Singling out "Middle Eastern male Islamists between the
ages 17 and 40" is not "ethnic profiling," it's "terrorist
profiling" -- acting on prolific evidence.

Anyone for Terrorist Profiling?

Semper Vigilo, Paratus, et Fidelis! Mark Alexander
Publisher, The Patriot

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

A President Must be a Leader

O'Reilly has an aricle today that hits the nail RIGHT on the head (,2933,206843,00.html).

Essentially saying the same thing that I have been saying, for over 2 years now....Brother Bill puts it a "bit" more eloquently....

"Unless you watch cable news or read a good newspaper, and those are rare, you'll have a hard time figuring out this dangerous and complicated world. That's where an effective leader comes in. Not only do our elected officials have to make policy, they now have to clearly explain it themselves. And they must do it over and over and over, because we're a distracted bunch."

Sound familiar?....Read on for the clincher.....

"Now if a president wants the folks to support him, he must be a teacher, a persuader. He must sell his policies to a public that's often confused"

FDR understood this. TR and President Reagan understood this. Reagan had Lee Atwater to portray his policies and get the word out in a communications machine that rivaled the Clintons (Sorry, but brother Bill Clinton also understood this).

And what have we got? President Bush and Karl Rove. Is it any wonder why I am NOT the most optomistic person regarding the upcoming elections? Anybody remember "Can anyone tell me the difference between an Arab Company and a British one (Ports Deal)? or how about his stance on illegal immigration (Hispanic AND Arab AND Eastern European AND everybody else, except apparently for the Chinese, who according to the law, really do have the right to stay here (30,000 to be deported in a deal with Bejing).....or how about over 90% of Saddam's documents, captured after the war, not even translated, let alone released....or..... how about NOT commenting on FOUND WMD for fear of backlash against are staltwarth german and frrrrrrrrrrrench allies?

We are going to get creamed.....but, after the Dems make a mess of things, look out 2008!



Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Random Thoughts......May Fidel Rot

It seems that brother Castro is too ill to rule, so he has passed the reins to his "half wit" (at least according to Buckley) brother.

As a Christian, of course, we pray that he is "saved" and does not burn in Hell. However, it would have been nice had justice been done.

Castro, using the legitimate condemnations of Cuban conditions, ie intense poverty, turned his Isand into a prison. Those that survived his bloody purges and exterminations, as a whole had a higher standard of living, thanks to massive support from the old Soviet Union.

In exchange for said support, he pushed us to WWIII by allowing the basing of nuclear missles, aimed at us, on Cuban soil. His secret police, in the early '60s, murdered and tortured his political enemies almost with impunity, on US soil, in Florida.

He tried, without much success, to export his revolution throughout Central and South America, gaining more support here at home, than a real hold on any of the goverments there. He did well, while said governments were ruled by dictatorships, but with the blossoming of democracy, after the fall of the Soviet Union, he was treated as a legend, and ignored as far as political implementation of his goals went.

Revolutionairy, survivor (of his nemisis' Kennedy, Johnson, Reagan, Trafficante, Giancanna), murderer, dictator. More brutality and blood on his hands than the US Mafia ever had. So of course the Democrats consider him a hero, as they would love to emulate him, especially in the People's Republic of Mass.

If the old Red "kicks off", the eulogies ought to be interesting. I can here the fawning from Kennedy (who probably helped Castro, help "clip" his brother), Kerry, and Clinton Hillary (the new Three Stooges) now. Rhino Republicans knocking themselves out to out-do the Democrats in their "sorrow". Senator Voinovich will probably need an extra case of Kleenix, with all of the wailing and moaning H'ELL be doing. The way the WH is going, I wouldn't be surprised if Karl Rove called for a day of mourning.

As far as I am concerned, however, his departure to a better life, say 30 years ago, would have meant thousands would still be alive today.



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