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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The US Should Show Leadership

Malkin had an interesting tid bit....seems the German rag Der Spiegel (mirror) is complaining that the US is not showing leadership in the current war between Israel and the savages...

My response to the Lefties over there.....Why? So you bastards can stab the United States in the back again? So more US soldiers can be killed due to your obstructions at the UN? So you can score more brownie points with your Fuhrer's decendents in Iran, Syria, and Chechnya?

My take is that the US should:
-give what support that is needed to wipe these savages from the face of the Earth.
-strengthen the Lebanese Army so that the savages out of Iran can never come back, and give Israel a secure northern border.
-The structure in place, to replace both the Syrian and Iranian Dictatorships with republican forms of government, and those fascists that are left alive to stand trial for war include the murder of our Marine Peace-Keepers in Lebanon.
-Ensure that the savages get the soonest chance to recieve their 72 Virgins, who shall all be Helen Thomas.




At 9:06 AM, Anonymous Layla said...

Hi Paul!

So glad to see you back writing again. I had to chuckle...Helen Thomas...? Now that is a scarry thought.

But gee do you think it is scarry enough to stop these evil terrorists? it!

As long as they can spew thier evil I do not think they care about anything or anyone--and those virgins---gimme a break!

I like your ideas and suggestions to the Middle East conflict--I would hope that this does happen. It is time to put a REAL end to this mess and an end to all this innocent shedding of Israeli and American blood.


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