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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pure evil

Nothing has hit us since WWII that has been so inherently evil as the Islamo-Fascists. They are, however, a good indication of how degraded our own society has become.

For instance, can you imagine a Roosevelt (TR or FDR) sending reps to bigots such as CAIR or "The Race" to apologize for American's short commings? C'mon, these guys support folks who saw off heads, treat and beat their women as subhuman, and aspire to the efficiency of Himmler in eliminating their religious and political enemies (everybody else in the world).

Some, we have no comparrison to...such as Sen Voinovich weeping....WEEPING! at the prospect of John Bolton being the official US Rep to the UN. This from a Senator from know, the same Ohio that Woody Hayes came from, the same Ohio whose University used to beat the devil out of everybody else in Football and just about any other sport. The people of Ohio, still seem to be pretty tough, but between Voinovich and Taft (Govenor) the GOP wimp factor has surpassed ANYTHING the dems could bring out.

Taft deserves his current 6 (yes not 60 but 6) percent approval rating. The guy is plagued with scandals so his solution is to order "sensitivity training" for his burocrats, and I am NOT making this up!

Most of the country has long been ripe for a conservative elected take over....we should start in Ohio, where most people are tough, fair minded, and well...conservative. Considering what they have to represent them, they are more than ready to take back power. And at the other end of the sword...if we cannot succeed in Ohio, where can we?





At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Frank said...

Thanks for the visit to my place and thanks for introducing me to your blog. I like your style. I'll be back on a regular basis.

At 10:06 PM, Anonymous Layla said...

Hi Paul,

Islamofacists is EVIL-PURE EVIL. This war must be fought to the end and it must rid the world of Hezbollah and Hamas, however, realistically I am concerned that there would be just another sleeper cell in the waiting -- to awake and terrorize Israel more. Watching the news these days is truly 'making me sick'. Kofi Annan is a bastard. Damn lying bastard. Israel would NEVER target civilians or U.N. Observers purposely. The anti-semitism reeks and is a stench in my nostrils.

When the hell Paul is everyone going to wake up and face the true reality? This is a war on terror that must be fought-terror is real--do we need it in our backyards before we will acknowledge it and believe it--guess 9/11, 3/11, 7/7 etc. is just not proof enough.

Oh, changed my comment and trackback software--much better--you will enjoy, but all your wonderful comments are at Haloscan--sorry, I had no choice because I run weekly trackbacks on Tuesdays and been doing it since I think Jan or Feb so I cannot disappoint my fellow blogger friends that count on my Tuesday open posts -- that is one of the few things I still enjoy hosting. Now I am just writing and blogging--with the way things are in Israel--we better be looking up--the rapture is near.



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