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Monday, July 31, 2006


Dr Adams discusses Gun Control with the Left

We are, a society in decline. If you would like to read an excellent series of novels, that give the basic tenants used to identify the symptoms of declining civilizations, I would suggest the Foundation Series by Asimov. Written in the genre of Science Fiction, the corollaries are never the less valid.

Stagnation, of course is the main symptom of a society in trouble. The root cause of which tends to be disunity, which leads to stopping anyone else's progress as an act of vengeance for the perceived lack of one's or one's groups' own progress.

The immediate effects, in our own Republic can be seen in literally thousands of examples. Some of the more obvious are...

Control. A declining society will make a great show of "doing" , when in actuality, it is all show. Lofty goals, that were to be achieved by control, ie legislation or court rulings, eventually are forgotten, and it is the control itself that becomes the means and the ends. This of course leads to the lofty "goals" not only never being achieved, but conditions that this control was meant to better, become progressively worse.

Gun control, is one example. The lofty goal, of course, was to reduce violent crime. In the beginning, a few laws were placed on the books, to try and keep these weapons out of the hands of criminals. Then, more legislation and judicial rulings, were aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of not only criminals, but potential criminals. The third phase, the first two having failed miserably, was to keep guns out of the hands of everybody. It was during this phase, that the goal of reducing violent crime was lost, and are current fourth phase, sees meaningless legislation passed to give the appearance of doing something, legislation from the bench in the form of successful civil suits against weapons manufacturers, which leads to an ignoring of the original problem of violent crime, and in its place extortion of said weapons manufacturers to fatten the coffers of various political groups. To whit, we have gone from a few laws, that to some extent reduced the potential of violent crime (ie. no convicted violent felons get to have a concealed weapons permit) to over 21,000 gun control laws on the books, that do absolutely nothing to stem violent crime.

Insert the words civil rights or tobacco into the above paragraph, heroin, or a host of other problematic labels, and you see the same scenario, with the same lack of result. Stagnation, much work to avoid the problem at all cost, and problems worsening.

Dr. Mike Adams,, a criminologist, scholar, writer, and University Professor, by trade; Wrote that in his own discipline, Criminology has not managed to come up with a new theory or technique in over 30 years. Stagnation.

Despite other nations doing the opposite (China is an excellent example) the US has not built a major power producing facility in over 35 years. Stagnation.

Heroin for use as a pain killer, for terminally ill patients, has been repeatedly rejected by the Congress for decades now. There is no moral ground for this, as the addictiveness of the drug, is far outweighed by the elimination of pain for people who would not live long enough, in any case, to pay for the consequences of addiction. The problem is, that our enforcement structures have degraded, to the point, that the heroin could not be controlled to the point, that it would only go to those for whom it was intended, and no politician wants to be branded as soft on drugs. Stagnation.

And of course medical care itself. The federal govt, is becoming woefully short of options, for access to specific drugs in the event of epidemic. The reason is legislation passed that greatly curtails profits on said drugs. Hence, many companies that we now rely on, are located in Britain, Europe, or the third world. It costs literally billions of dollars to develop vaccines and wonder drugs. It takes years before these billions are recouped and a profit is shown. What this legislation has done, is not punish the "evil rich", but has made it impossible to develop these drugs. You cannot spend the money for research and development, if you do not have it.

Lastly, let us revisit oil again. Of all the gazillions of dollars that the "evil oil companies" have made in profit, appx. 1.5 billion is domestic. The rest is foreign, and I would venture to say, that said profits greatly fall short of those made, for example, by the Chinese or Germans (in their North Sea Platforms). Add to this that said domestic oil firms are public companies, which means that over 60% of Americans have their CD's, Mutual Funds, and Retirement Plans tied to Oil Company Profits. This means that when said firms do well, these investments do well. Conversersely, when these firms do poorly, many Americans loose money. But, NO POLITICIANS, least of all from the GOP, who should be screaming from the heights, say anything in defense of these profits, and how they BENIFIT working Americans; But instead try and weakly either blunt the assult by the Left, or join in watered down versions of "control" or propose useless legislation. Again, stagnation is the result, due to disunity, due to the propaganda of rich vs. the perceived poor.

But, these examples point to one of the real degrading factors that have infected the Republic. That is, that one who produces, works for something practical, or succeeds, is now inherently evil and must be controlled and milked, for the benefit of those who will not work for the practical.



Thursday, July 27, 2006

Doom and Gloom

In the latest Novak report, it is stated that the mood in the House is that the GOP will loose around 30 seats. This is referenced by a GOP House Comittee Chairman.

Also, the White House has dropped the ball on providing nominations to the Federal Judiciary. They blamed Frist, saying that he had told the WH that it was too late to get any of them thru. Sen Frist denies this, blaming it on mis-communication.

Right......The single most galvanizing issue, that led to the 2004 victories has been left to rot, as the Senate will not be getting any nominations from the WH, thus forcing the Dems either to obstruct, energizing conservatives, or not obstruct, angering their base. Miers is blamed for weak nominees and failure to produce nominees, as many slots on the Federal Bench are still empty with no nominees provided to the Senate.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this looks bad. The reasons the GOP is going way down hill.....

Failure of the WH to fight for....

ANWAR, and other domestic oil drilling. The President instead mentioned alternative energy sources in his State of the Union Speach this other words, no stomach to fight the left.

Immigration. While pushing the Senate Bill, the President failed to address concerns about the over 60 million foreigners given citizenship in the next 2 decades, why Minute Men and others movements reported to the Mexican Govt. after first denying it, why no enforcement of existing law for the first 5 years of the Bush Admin. His record much much worse than President Clintons.

Appeasement. Why, in Michigan, they are on a roll deporting Mexicans, but have not deported ONE illegal arab immigrant (ref debbie schlussel, Sharon Hughes, as spokes-person for the President, apologizing to CAIR for American Prejudice. Karl Rove speaking recently before "The Race". Airport security searching everyone BUT Muslims. Letting Israel do the dirty work, eliminating Hezbollah (the murderers of countles US civilians and the Marine Peace-Keepers in the '80s), and HAMAS (also responsible for countless US civilian murders), while thumping his chest about Iran and doing nothing concrete to stop them from entering Iraq and hit our Patriots there.

Failure of a GOP Congress to curtail spending, to pass pension reform, to pass tax reform, to pass social security reform, to pass reforms on the UN, to see thru reforms at the CIA, Impuning Goss when he was fired thus enraging the House GOP Leadership, leaking that Speaker Hassart was under investigation in the Abramov scandal when this was a blantant lie, failure to enforce the law (Espionage Acts NY Tiumes and the countless national security leaks by the administrations own agencies, Rubinkov (may not deal with Countries involved in boycot of Israel), Federal Statues against nations that employ prison labor (China, etc).

The WH, through inaction, and the lack of will to fight political battles, and by failing to provide their side in controversial legislation (ie ports deal) has managed to alienate Christian conservatives, Fiscal conservatives, Law and Order conservatives, National Security conservatives, most of the House of Representatives, many in the Senate, and Black conservatives (due to this "nice negroes" pathetic speach befor the NAACP, where he did not even thing to include mention of Steele-Candidate for the Senate in Maryland).

If the President did not want to fight for his positions, he should not have run. If he still will not fight, factually with hard bare knuckles debate, and enforce the law, he should resign for whatever reason will look good.

As far as our current batch of candidates go.....most are too weak in their campaign battles. Case in point is Murtha's opponent, Diana Irey ( She goes after Murtha on her "Out of Touch" page on her website. This should be on page one. The page lists Murtha's weaknesses. Top of the list is that he voted for House pay raises a gazillion times. Who cares? Hits him for not supporting the troops because he wants to pull out of Iraq....Say what?...Look, here is a guy who has his pic taken with Code Pink, Accuses US soldiers of Rape and Murder based upon the word of Al Queda, never mind investigating the charges to see if they are true, tellls the world's press that the US is the number one threat to peace in the world.....and all Irey can say is that he is "unsupportive" due to his call for withdrawl?

Why no mention of ABSCAM? (Murtha escaped prosecution in a plea bargian in which he testified against fellow Politicos in the House).

Sister Ivey, if this is how the Campaign is to be run you will loose big time.

Positives are that she nails him for raiding the social security fund, and claims that she is tough on border enforcement...all well and good, but why not highlight the dems lack of toughness, in particular her opponent?

As stated before, conservatives will probably gain seats, but as a whole, the GOP is going to get creamed (at least as of the moment) because, like President Bush, THEY-WILL-NOT-FIGHT.

Hello Speaker Pelosi.



Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hit 'em Again!

Some thoughts.......

Brother Kofi has accused the IDF of intentionally bombing a UN observation post killing 4. An investigation is quite welcome, in that if the UN "observers" acted as "nuetrally" as Annan and his stooges at the UN, then the "observers" were a legitimate target and the "fault" would have been NOT hitting them.

Annan should order his "observers" out. After all, with the IDF there, they won't be able to follow their brother UN folks in Serbia, and start Child Protestution Rings to make a quick buck.

California's power grid is strained by the weather. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh there is justice in the world after all! California has not built a new power plant, nor oil fascility for over 35 years now. Their population, however, has grown by 10 million. They want power? Then they should develope the resources that they have, and quit stealing it from Texas. Not only are they wimps, but hypocritic wimps at that.

Hizbullah....wipe them from the face of the earth. Again, they want to be the party of death? Then give them some, and let them then enjoy their after-life with Helen Thomas Virgins.......

Tehran......Why Jericho missles are not sending the Mullahs to their reward, I have now idea, but it would be nice if Olmert would actually do something with his military might, that may actually do some good. Perhaps instead of calling the Orthodox Jews worse than Hamas, he should think of the Mullahs as naked Barbara "call me KAPO" Streissands coming to get him.



Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Pure evil

Nothing has hit us since WWII that has been so inherently evil as the Islamo-Fascists. They are, however, a good indication of how degraded our own society has become.

For instance, can you imagine a Roosevelt (TR or FDR) sending reps to bigots such as CAIR or "The Race" to apologize for American's short commings? C'mon, these guys support folks who saw off heads, treat and beat their women as subhuman, and aspire to the efficiency of Himmler in eliminating their religious and political enemies (everybody else in the world).

Some, we have no comparrison to...such as Sen Voinovich weeping....WEEPING! at the prospect of John Bolton being the official US Rep to the UN. This from a Senator from know, the same Ohio that Woody Hayes came from, the same Ohio whose University used to beat the devil out of everybody else in Football and just about any other sport. The people of Ohio, still seem to be pretty tough, but between Voinovich and Taft (Govenor) the GOP wimp factor has surpassed ANYTHING the dems could bring out.

Taft deserves his current 6 (yes not 60 but 6) percent approval rating. The guy is plagued with scandals so his solution is to order "sensitivity training" for his burocrats, and I am NOT making this up!

Most of the country has long been ripe for a conservative elected take over....we should start in Ohio, where most people are tough, fair minded, and well...conservative. Considering what they have to represent them, they are more than ready to take back power. And at the other end of the sword...if we cannot succeed in Ohio, where can we?




Thursday, July 20, 2006

The US Should Show Leadership

Malkin had an interesting tid bit....seems the German rag Der Spiegel (mirror) is complaining that the US is not showing leadership in the current war between Israel and the savages...

My response to the Lefties over there.....Why? So you bastards can stab the United States in the back again? So more US soldiers can be killed due to your obstructions at the UN? So you can score more brownie points with your Fuhrer's decendents in Iran, Syria, and Chechnya?

My take is that the US should:
-give what support that is needed to wipe these savages from the face of the Earth.
-strengthen the Lebanese Army so that the savages out of Iran can never come back, and give Israel a secure northern border.
-The structure in place, to replace both the Syrian and Iranian Dictatorships with republican forms of government, and those fascists that are left alive to stand trial for war include the murder of our Marine Peace-Keepers in Lebanon.
-Ensure that the savages get the soonest chance to recieve their 72 Virgins, who shall all be Helen Thomas.



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