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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

It's all over....thanx george

I wasn't going to post, until I got the flash site up. But this is so stupid, that it is a must.

My philosophy for this comming election was, to hit the RHINOs at the primairies, but vote GOP, especially for the Senate, no matter who won. The reason, of course is that the Supreme Court nominations trumped just about everything else.

Only an act of idiocy capable of exceeding the Left would change my mind.

It did.

Seems that the border patrol has been tipping off the Mexican Govt about not only their where-abouts, but also those of every other group patroling the border. Then, of course the Mexican govt tips off the illegals, those involved in the drug trade being tipped off for a price.

Mr. Bush is in charge of border security. To placate Pres. Fox and the Lord knows who else, he has opened us up like a sieve, and intentionally put our own people into danger.

We had a good shot at holding the line in Nov. The Senate still had time to get its act together to avoid an election day debacle. The House, was not so much a problem, as conservatives were making pretty good strides. Forget it now. We'll probably not loose the House, but the Senate we can probably kiss goodbye, along with our shot at putting constructionalist judges on the court.

Thank you President Bush. If I am wrong, and we also loose the House, I hope you enjoy your impeachment. Look in the mirror, because you have nobody to blame but yourself.

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