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Monday, March 13, 2006

We're Still Paying a Special Tax For The War....The Spanish AmericanWar, That Is.....

I just ran across this at the Washington Policy Center. The author is Roy A. Berg. The gist of the story is, that in 1898, the Congress enacted a telephone tax (then a luxury item) to pay for the Spanish American War. A temperary tax. Well, we're still paying the thing. Not only are we still paying the original tax, but it has expanded with technology to include cell phones, internet lines, etc.

The tax takes in about 4.8 billion dollars annually. One would think that the Spanish American War (which we won, by the way) would have been paid for several times over by now. One would also think, that a GOP Congress and a GOP President would have no problem repealing such a thing, once it was brought to their attention.

Wrong on both counts. It is going thru, as usual, the court system. Once it reaches the Supreme Court, its validity may be recinded. That something as stupid as this must go thru the courts, and not just be repealed by the Congress....A REPUBLICAN Congress really says it all about the last few years.

And we wonder why we are going to loose our socks come November.


The article is here Berg's Article



At 12:00 AM, Anonymous Doll said...

That is so pathetic Paul. Really. When will this insanity just stop?

At 1:16 AM, Blogger moderator said...

hi doll...

It will stop when we hold our elected folks accountable with an intensity that they will not be able to ignore.

When in Washington, they loose touch, the "grow". Such growth can be nipped in the bud by giving them "liquid hell", similar to the Ports deal outcry, but with more longevity. Recalls, local legislature censures, that sort of thing. Local "stars" rising to call the incumbants upon idiocy.

Then it will stop.



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