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Saturday, March 11, 2006

UAE Ports...Mr. President, Stop Whining

The UAE Ports deal is endemic of what is wrong with this White House. When the President of the United States, stands up before an audience, and asks something as STUPID as "Can anybody tell me what the difference is between a British Company and an Arab Company" then he and his staff have real problems.

Something like this would have taken a massive media effort to sell to a public already sick of this country kow-towing to every Muslim action or sensitivity. The fascists have sawed off the heads of their hostages, rioted and demanded death for cartoonists, and the Al Queda number 2 demanding either conversion to Islam or tribute paid. American Muslim Communtity Organizations, unlike German and Italian ethnic groups during WWII, have not only sided with the enemy but have done all in their power to derail victory and cause turmoil at home. All, with the apparent blessing of the White House.

And what do we get from the President? Silence, or a lecture in press responsibility, while ignoring the on-going slaughter in places such as Sudan, the ethnic clensing and destruction of over 100 Christian Churches (under the eyes of our glorious NATO "allies") in the Balkans, Alliances being made with Chavez in South and Central America, Fidel rallying the hemisphere against us, several left wing wanna be dictators taking over in several South American Countries, and following down the path that Chavez has laid out for them, not only ignoring our border security (to include 2 incursions by Mexican Armed Forces), but calling those who would secure it racists and vigilantes.

In the 1930's, there was an orgainization called the German-American Bund. Publicly, it was a place for folks of German heritage to share culture, play some baseball, etc. It had been closely watched by the FBI. After the outbreak of the war, the FBI moved in, and arrested everybody. Books on baseball were found to be Nazi propaganda (convers were of baseball, content something a bit different), training manuals for sabatuers, and espionage info.

Conversely, we now, during this war have CAIR. And how does our "glorious" White House utilize them? They have "socials" between CAIR and the FBI field offices (See Debbie The have Presidential spokesman Hughes "reach out" to CAIR and other such organizations doing Micheal Moore proud in her criticisms of the US.

During the '30s, President Roosevelt and HIS White House tiressly put out pamphlets, movies, broadcasts, constantly informing the public of what how and why each of the New Deal programs were implemented and their benifits. During the War, Sedition acts were tightened, and you could look nowhere without seeing posters, or pamphlets, or newspaper and magazine ads, movies, commericals, on the status of the war, why we fought, what the consequences of anything short of victory would be. As the Death Camps were liberated film was sent back to the US for IMMEDIATE distribution to theaters. All so that the public was constantly reminded of the stakes involved in that war. In THIS war, with THIS White House, we have to invoke the freedom of Information Act to see such materials. With THIS White House, our so called Allies release convicted terrorist murderers and the the White House either lies about it, or ignores it. With THIS White House, 6 years into the Presidency, and we are lucky if we hear more than one or two speeches pushing for pending legislation, or even what the legislative agenda is.

It is MORE than fitting that the GOP Congress has FINALLY knocked the President down a peg or two. If we wanted THIS type of leadership, we would have drafted Carter to run again.

Wake up Mr. President. We are still the most powerfull nation on Earth. But we have a nuclear N Korea, Iran, and Lord knows who else about to hit us. We have Saddam's WMD in Syria. Our allies allign with our enemies on too many fronts. We have hostile governments in most of our own hemisphere that have come to power under YOUR watch. I would strongly suggests, Mr. President, that you look at some video of yourself during your first two years in office. And then, act accordingly. If it takes port deals to bribe countries like the UAE into not trying to destroy us directly (giving huge sums to our enemies such as HAMAS and for the genocide in Africa must be ok tho..) then I would suggest taking them out....

YOU and others said that Sept 11th was worse than Perl Harbor. However, you have treated THIS war as if it were a gang fight between old ladies knitting circles. In the same time period as we have been in Iraq, Roosevelt had conquered Italy, North Africa, liberated France, and our troops were on the way to Berlin. On the Asian Front, we were pushing Imperial Japanese troops back to the home islands. And YOU Mr. President, could not even sum up the intestinal fortitude to take out a loser such as Sadr in Iraq.

The American People will tolerate nothing short of victory. The GOP in Congress, after a wake up call from the voters, has shown that it too will settle for no less. Stop trying to placate Saudi Princes, and Arab Emirs. Give us victory Mr. President!




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