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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

RSC Renews Contract With America

RSC Renews Contract With America

Ignoring the White House (A REALLY smart move these days) the Republican Study Committee, announced a renewed Contract With America, which espouses the same principles of the original for today's challenges.

The budget proposal is the most exciting. Without touching Social Security, without touching the military, and with the added benefit of making Medicare into block grants, this budget trims 400 billion in spending….NOW. Earmarks, such as the bridge to nowhere would be rescinded.

click here for the RSC website

As I’ve stated before, the GOP will probably loose seats this cycle. But with the renewed vigor of the conservative movement, as embodied by the RSC, conservatives will actually gain seats.

An example of this, is as follows….from a Democrat no less!!!!!!

Cuellar, in Texas has won the Dem primary against Rodriguez. This is important for conservatives, because Cuellar has supported the war on terror, the war in Iraq, and President Bush more often than he supports the left wing lunatics in his own party. He was targeted for defeat by the Left, and the Party Leadership. Last time around he barely squeaked thru. This time around, he trounced the competition. And because virtually the entire Democratic Party apparatus opposed him, he owes nothing to anybody. He can and most certainly will, make life miserable for the Lefties in Congress next term.

Source: Evans and Novak Political Report at Human Events Online
Click here

And lastly…..Senator Frist has again shown his penchant for foot in mouth disease. The latest comment is that it was still possible to get the UAE Ports deal through. Real Smart Bill. Just when we get this behind us, with 19% of the public for it, you have to bring the thing up again! And in the manner of John Kerry, against it before you were for it. Unbelieveable!




At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Doll said...

I normally would say that it was a bad move to 'ignore the White House' but as of late, I agree with you. In this case Paul that is the best thing they could have done.

Furthermore, because of the President and the White House the Republicans are going to have an 'steep' uphill climb this coming election.

Talk about a President without forethough and we have Bush. IMHO, that was a selfish move by the wh and prez. Oh well, its what we do from now forward that will count!

Sorry I did not catch this yesterday, a rough couple days for me. Gosh, some internet people!!!! Sheese! It is hard to communicate in real life-but the cyber world does have it's challenges! Anyhow, in the end it was primarily my fault. Talk about not 'reading' the small print! Whew! I should know nothing is really Free-I say that all the time! LOL!

Cheers to you my friend. Great article!


At 5:36 AM, Blogger moderator said...

hi doll....Wow! There must be quite the story behind your internet people story!....

Glick wrote a column about BB's uphill battle against Kadima...I told her it would be easy to beat them. All BB has to do is look at how the WH campaigns, do the opposite, and Likud is a sure winner!...hee..hee


At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Odysseus160 said...

A new Contract on America? No thanks. We have had enough of Republican machinations for a while. Ever so often, a Republican president is elected, and/or a Republican congress. After a few years in office they usually get unceremoniously dumped. It takes a Republican rule to remind Americans what animals the conservatives are. This time, of course, the natural Republican anti-social tendencies have been reinforced by the criminal Bush and his coterie who started a war for their own, fantastic reasons. So now we have the destructive Republican mind-set cubed. Not only are the foul reactionaries savaging our own people as usual (witness 2,000,000 prisoners in America's gulag,) but they also got us into a shooting war at enormous cost in lives and money (not even considering lost Iraqi lives, something to which the Republican reactionaries are indifferent.)

On Bush's watch America has descended to the level of classic latin American dictatorships. Lies, secret detention, torture, and other abhorrent conduct are the order of the day. The only difference between the U.S. and the fascist dictatorships it has supported over the years is that those dictatorships received money, death squads, and weapons support from the U.S. while the U.S. is going it alone. No help from the puppets in Colombia, Honduras and other countries the U.S. helped devastate. In fact, the U.S. is still devastating those countries. Just think of the aerial spraying of poison in Colombia, with the consent of the U.S. puppets who rule there.

At 12:03 PM, Blogger moderator said...

hi...Actually the total is more like 3 million, about 1% of the population. The problem with you analysis is that you infer all of these are political prisoners. Those in the can for example, income tax evasion, I really don't think would fall under this category.

The Contract is good, because if inacted, it will solve many of the things you say are wrong, albeit the results you give are from Göbbel's notebook.

As far as fascist dictatorships, considering that all but two or three(that I can think of off hand) Central and South American Nations are ruled by Socialists, Fascist Dictators, seems a bit over-stated, unless of course you consider Chavez and Lolo CIA undercover operatives.

Poison spray is done to defoliate the drug fields. Personally, I am against it, again because of my conservative leanings, but still enjoy the benefit of angering you, FARC, and the Muslim Fascists who reap the profits of such activity.

But of course you are right. We need to decide if we wish to surrender to the "Caliphate" or to the Chinese. Then we shall all truly have real freedom and not even have to bother about those mundane things such as individual rights or even who to vote for!

The only problem is tho, that I don't think that the Chinese would be stupid enough to accept our surrender, as there would be no market to support there own 100 million plus newly middle class folks. And as far as the Caliphate goes, the different Muslim-Fascist groups (Islamic Jihad, Al Quaida, Wahabee, etc) are so busy clipping eachother, that they may not have the time to rule.

Oh, well. Maybe if we say a few prayers to Marx or Mao, we can still be delivered into a worker's paradise of our own. With our own inbread initiative, I am sure, that once we are on the right path (oops, sorry, I meant left), we can slaughter many many more that the 20 million Stalin nailed, the 19 million Mao hit, or the 10 million or so Hitler liquidated. Here's hoping!



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