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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Goodbye Internet

This post is a quickie.....basically our GOP House is considering legislation that will end the internet as we know it. The way it will be enforced, as we all know, is that if you are a Conservative blogger or Web Master, you are out of business Bubba. Those that decide to "grow" and start Kow-towing to the likes of George Sorros,, etc have a shot at becomming quite wealthy, however.

I am posting this reference in its entirety. I am however, adding one point of contact that is quite important, and may be the only viable one to fight this.

Please contact the Republican Study Committee...Rep Mike Pence Chairman. The URL is here:

Click here ( This is our block of conservative Representatives, over 100 strong. Their own throats will be slit if this passes, as will ours.

The missive is as follows:

Center for Individual Freedom
Dear Friend:
Why after so many years of fighting to keep the Internet largely free of regulation and taxation are some lawmakers and Internet companies now advocating for increased regulation of the Internet?
The United States House of Representatives may consider a provision that will lead to regulation of the Internet. Please contact your Representative in Congress and Majority Leader Boehner and ask them to keep the Internet free of regulation.
Use the hyperlink below to send your personalized letter to your Representative in Congress and Majority Leader Boehner today!
Last week, several news publications -- citing anonymous sources -- reported that new legislation to regulate the Internet (so-called “net-neutrality”) will be considered as part of a telecom reform bill currently being debated in Congress.
Over the past few months, proponents of so-called “net-neutrality” regulation have been using scare tactics with the general public and our elected officials – demanding legislation for a problem that doesn’t even exist! Even the Wall Street Journal calls these proponents’ tactics “silly” and dismisses the notion that it is the “end of the Internet as we know it.”
Some major corporate interests like Google and Yahoo! would like for you to believe they are David facing Goliath -- claiming that broadband providers like Comcast, Cox and AT&T will keep you from accessing their products.
Nothing could be further from the truth!
Never, in the history of the Internet, has a broadband provider blocked a customer from accessing their Yahoo! Mail or Google search engine. Yet, these companies want Congress to enact legislation that will protect them from this non-existent problem.
Ironically, these calls for the government to become the Internet’s traffic cop are being led by companies like Google, which only a short time ago made headlines when it chose to cooperate with the Communist leadership of China.
Remember when Google caved to the Chinese government and agreed to block access to all information and websites that speak about freedom and democracy? When they agreed to censor all information that discusses Tiananmen Square and independence for Taiwan – or anything else that can be interpreted to go against the interests of China’s Communist leadership?
Can you believe it’s supposed conservative lawmakers who are now cow-towing to these interests and offering to legislate and regulate the Internet in response to these ridiculous demands?
We have witnessed the success of the Internet and all that it does: brings families closer, grows economies, creates a new generation of entrepreneurs and increases access to information for people all over the world. All this with little, if any interference from the government.
The Internet must remain free from government regulation and taxation!
Contact your Representative in Congress and Majority Leader Boehner today! Ask them to reject calls to regulate the Internet. And, ask them to urge their colleagues to do the same.
Use the hyperlink below to send your personalized letter to your Representative in Congress and Majority Leader Boehner today!
Jeff Mazzella President Center for Individual Freedom

Don't think that you can ignore this leglislation if it becomes law. They will sick the IRS on you, at a minimum. Other enforcement jurisdiction would also be FBI and the Federal Marshall Service.

Let this pass, and say hello to a Ted Kennedy lead Congress, and Howard Dean finally realizing his dream of the Presidency.




At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Doll said...

This is disgusting. So what else will they find to harrass us with next? My God this country is turning more and more into 'police states'. God!

At 10:58 PM, Blogger moderator said...

Depends....if enough people ignore the thing, they will go after us through our servers.....

But if enough people with their own servers ignore the thing, or networks are set up like the php, then at least we'll have a say. Problem is, that the reach to others will be about null, until xml and other such technologies are refined a bit.

But, who knows, Congress may actually do the right thing, for once, and not pass this. If the RSC makes a big enough issue out of it, it probably will fail. We shall see....

At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Doll said...

Keep us posted on this Paul. You seem to be very familiar with the workings behind this. Also, I too would hope that the Congress does the right thing, they did with the Dubai deal. Even the moonbats came aboard, perhaps it can happen again. Enough support against it and it will be history.


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