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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Afghanistan, This is Not What We Fought For.

Three facts: Man faces death penalty for converting to Christianity,
16 years ago in Pakistan.

Man faced death penalty for supporting a change to the Afghan
Constituion, giving women equal worth, as opposed to the 50% they now

The Heroin trade accounts for one third of the Afghan economy.

This is what I mean by "tepid" when criticising the current adminstration, as a conservative, in the war on terror. Afghanastan was ours. There was no question that the Taliban were to be driven out of power. The replacement government was one, that would ensure that the people had some say in how the government was chosen and run.

However, without basic rights protected by a Constitution, this cannot happen. It would be proper, altho, not palitable, to pass laws that are restrictive (Women only worth 50%). But, in order for a democracy to function, the People must always have regress to change these laws. The Death penalty imposed because someone calls for a law to change is not democracy, but dictatorship.

Freedom of religion is a tennant of any civilized nation. Again, the fact that this man will face death unless he "reconverts" is abhorent enough. That death is also the penalty for calling for the change
of this law, is not democracy.

With all of the resources we have put into the "war on drugs", to have allowed the Poppy Fields to flourish, is unforgiveable. Again, after the combat missions were successfull, it would have taken very little to take out said fields, and impose upon any new government the requirement to ensure that these fields stayed taken out.

The Iraq war is now 3 years old. The War on Terror almost 5 years old. In this same span of time, the United States, acting largely alone, had conqured Nazi German, the Empire of Japan, and liberated all of Western Europe, and non-British Asian in the process.

Despite the magnificient performance of our troops, this war has been conducted with a half baked determination, and relatively no resources. Again, compared to the Second World War, we would have had to commit over 1 trillion dollars, and close to 20 million soldiers to meet the standard we set for ourselves, in those days. We haven't even come close to 10% of that effort. And the War on Terror, as the War on Drugs that proceeded it, will either be lost, or never be resoved one way or the other, and only because a lack of will by our elites.

We will eventually commit the resources and resolve necesarry to win this war, but I fear, only after another catastrophic attack upon our soil. There are many nuclear weapons missing from the old Soviet inventories, as assessed by General Levit in the late '90s. How to make such weapons, has been well known by most Nations, for many years now. And although this administration has made astonishing progress in disrupting and destroying the paths by which Nations sought to acquire the materials needed for Nuclear Weapons Production, on the battle and propaganda fronts, it has been a miserable failure in strategic planning and implementation.

It is a shame, that we shall continue to live, with so many threats to the Republic, when these threats could have been eliminated, had we been only half the men our fore-fathers were.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Goodbye Internet

This post is a quickie.....basically our GOP House is considering legislation that will end the internet as we know it. The way it will be enforced, as we all know, is that if you are a Conservative blogger or Web Master, you are out of business Bubba. Those that decide to "grow" and start Kow-towing to the likes of George Sorros,, etc have a shot at becomming quite wealthy, however.

I am posting this reference in its entirety. I am however, adding one point of contact that is quite important, and may be the only viable one to fight this.

Please contact the Republican Study Committee...Rep Mike Pence Chairman. The URL is here:

Click here ( This is our block of conservative Representatives, over 100 strong. Their own throats will be slit if this passes, as will ours.

The missive is as follows:

Center for Individual Freedom
Dear Friend:
Why after so many years of fighting to keep the Internet largely free of regulation and taxation are some lawmakers and Internet companies now advocating for increased regulation of the Internet?
The United States House of Representatives may consider a provision that will lead to regulation of the Internet. Please contact your Representative in Congress and Majority Leader Boehner and ask them to keep the Internet free of regulation.
Use the hyperlink below to send your personalized letter to your Representative in Congress and Majority Leader Boehner today!
Last week, several news publications -- citing anonymous sources -- reported that new legislation to regulate the Internet (so-called “net-neutrality”) will be considered as part of a telecom reform bill currently being debated in Congress.
Over the past few months, proponents of so-called “net-neutrality” regulation have been using scare tactics with the general public and our elected officials – demanding legislation for a problem that doesn’t even exist! Even the Wall Street Journal calls these proponents’ tactics “silly” and dismisses the notion that it is the “end of the Internet as we know it.”
Some major corporate interests like Google and Yahoo! would like for you to believe they are David facing Goliath -- claiming that broadband providers like Comcast, Cox and AT&T will keep you from accessing their products.
Nothing could be further from the truth!
Never, in the history of the Internet, has a broadband provider blocked a customer from accessing their Yahoo! Mail or Google search engine. Yet, these companies want Congress to enact legislation that will protect them from this non-existent problem.
Ironically, these calls for the government to become the Internet’s traffic cop are being led by companies like Google, which only a short time ago made headlines when it chose to cooperate with the Communist leadership of China.
Remember when Google caved to the Chinese government and agreed to block access to all information and websites that speak about freedom and democracy? When they agreed to censor all information that discusses Tiananmen Square and independence for Taiwan – or anything else that can be interpreted to go against the interests of China’s Communist leadership?
Can you believe it’s supposed conservative lawmakers who are now cow-towing to these interests and offering to legislate and regulate the Internet in response to these ridiculous demands?
We have witnessed the success of the Internet and all that it does: brings families closer, grows economies, creates a new generation of entrepreneurs and increases access to information for people all over the world. All this with little, if any interference from the government.
The Internet must remain free from government regulation and taxation!
Contact your Representative in Congress and Majority Leader Boehner today! Ask them to reject calls to regulate the Internet. And, ask them to urge their colleagues to do the same.
Use the hyperlink below to send your personalized letter to your Representative in Congress and Majority Leader Boehner today!
Jeff Mazzella President Center for Individual Freedom

Don't think that you can ignore this leglislation if it becomes law. They will sick the IRS on you, at a minimum. Other enforcement jurisdiction would also be FBI and the Federal Marshall Service.

Let this pass, and say hello to a Ted Kennedy lead Congress, and Howard Dean finally realizing his dream of the Presidency.



Tuesday, March 14, 2006

RSC Renews Contract With America

RSC Renews Contract With America

Ignoring the White House (A REALLY smart move these days) the Republican Study Committee, announced a renewed Contract With America, which espouses the same principles of the original for today's challenges.

The budget proposal is the most exciting. Without touching Social Security, without touching the military, and with the added benefit of making Medicare into block grants, this budget trims 400 billion in spending….NOW. Earmarks, such as the bridge to nowhere would be rescinded.

click here for the RSC website

As I’ve stated before, the GOP will probably loose seats this cycle. But with the renewed vigor of the conservative movement, as embodied by the RSC, conservatives will actually gain seats.

An example of this, is as follows….from a Democrat no less!!!!!!

Cuellar, in Texas has won the Dem primary against Rodriguez. This is important for conservatives, because Cuellar has supported the war on terror, the war in Iraq, and President Bush more often than he supports the left wing lunatics in his own party. He was targeted for defeat by the Left, and the Party Leadership. Last time around he barely squeaked thru. This time around, he trounced the competition. And because virtually the entire Democratic Party apparatus opposed him, he owes nothing to anybody. He can and most certainly will, make life miserable for the Lefties in Congress next term.

Source: Evans and Novak Political Report at Human Events Online
Click here

And lastly…..Senator Frist has again shown his penchant for foot in mouth disease. The latest comment is that it was still possible to get the UAE Ports deal through. Real Smart Bill. Just when we get this behind us, with 19% of the public for it, you have to bring the thing up again! And in the manner of John Kerry, against it before you were for it. Unbelieveable!



Monday, March 13, 2006

We're Still Paying a Special Tax For The War....The Spanish AmericanWar, That Is.....

I just ran across this at the Washington Policy Center. The author is Roy A. Berg. The gist of the story is, that in 1898, the Congress enacted a telephone tax (then a luxury item) to pay for the Spanish American War. A temperary tax. Well, we're still paying the thing. Not only are we still paying the original tax, but it has expanded with technology to include cell phones, internet lines, etc.

The tax takes in about 4.8 billion dollars annually. One would think that the Spanish American War (which we won, by the way) would have been paid for several times over by now. One would also think, that a GOP Congress and a GOP President would have no problem repealing such a thing, once it was brought to their attention.

Wrong on both counts. It is going thru, as usual, the court system. Once it reaches the Supreme Court, its validity may be recinded. That something as stupid as this must go thru the courts, and not just be repealed by the Congress....A REPUBLICAN Congress really says it all about the last few years.

And we wonder why we are going to loose our socks come November.


The article is here Berg's Article


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Another Prophet Comic

This one is so good, I just could not pass it up...hee..hee. Fair, because it does not degrade the Religion but takes a more than well deserved poke at the arrogance of some of those that allegedly follow it. I got it from Rogue Jew Blog



Saturday, March 11, 2006

UAE Ports...Mr. President, Stop Whining

The UAE Ports deal is endemic of what is wrong with this White House. When the President of the United States, stands up before an audience, and asks something as STUPID as "Can anybody tell me what the difference is between a British Company and an Arab Company" then he and his staff have real problems.

Something like this would have taken a massive media effort to sell to a public already sick of this country kow-towing to every Muslim action or sensitivity. The fascists have sawed off the heads of their hostages, rioted and demanded death for cartoonists, and the Al Queda number 2 demanding either conversion to Islam or tribute paid. American Muslim Communtity Organizations, unlike German and Italian ethnic groups during WWII, have not only sided with the enemy but have done all in their power to derail victory and cause turmoil at home. All, with the apparent blessing of the White House.

And what do we get from the President? Silence, or a lecture in press responsibility, while ignoring the on-going slaughter in places such as Sudan, the ethnic clensing and destruction of over 100 Christian Churches (under the eyes of our glorious NATO "allies") in the Balkans, Alliances being made with Chavez in South and Central America, Fidel rallying the hemisphere against us, several left wing wanna be dictators taking over in several South American Countries, and following down the path that Chavez has laid out for them, not only ignoring our border security (to include 2 incursions by Mexican Armed Forces), but calling those who would secure it racists and vigilantes.

In the 1930's, there was an orgainization called the German-American Bund. Publicly, it was a place for folks of German heritage to share culture, play some baseball, etc. It had been closely watched by the FBI. After the outbreak of the war, the FBI moved in, and arrested everybody. Books on baseball were found to be Nazi propaganda (convers were of baseball, content something a bit different), training manuals for sabatuers, and espionage info.

Conversely, we now, during this war have CAIR. And how does our "glorious" White House utilize them? They have "socials" between CAIR and the FBI field offices (See Debbie The have Presidential spokesman Hughes "reach out" to CAIR and other such organizations doing Micheal Moore proud in her criticisms of the US.

During the '30s, President Roosevelt and HIS White House tiressly put out pamphlets, movies, broadcasts, constantly informing the public of what how and why each of the New Deal programs were implemented and their benifits. During the War, Sedition acts were tightened, and you could look nowhere without seeing posters, or pamphlets, or newspaper and magazine ads, movies, commericals, on the status of the war, why we fought, what the consequences of anything short of victory would be. As the Death Camps were liberated film was sent back to the US for IMMEDIATE distribution to theaters. All so that the public was constantly reminded of the stakes involved in that war. In THIS war, with THIS White House, we have to invoke the freedom of Information Act to see such materials. With THIS White House, our so called Allies release convicted terrorist murderers and the the White House either lies about it, or ignores it. With THIS White House, 6 years into the Presidency, and we are lucky if we hear more than one or two speeches pushing for pending legislation, or even what the legislative agenda is.

It is MORE than fitting that the GOP Congress has FINALLY knocked the President down a peg or two. If we wanted THIS type of leadership, we would have drafted Carter to run again.

Wake up Mr. President. We are still the most powerfull nation on Earth. But we have a nuclear N Korea, Iran, and Lord knows who else about to hit us. We have Saddam's WMD in Syria. Our allies allign with our enemies on too many fronts. We have hostile governments in most of our own hemisphere that have come to power under YOUR watch. I would strongly suggests, Mr. President, that you look at some video of yourself during your first two years in office. And then, act accordingly. If it takes port deals to bribe countries like the UAE into not trying to destroy us directly (giving huge sums to our enemies such as HAMAS and for the genocide in Africa must be ok tho..) then I would suggest taking them out....

YOU and others said that Sept 11th was worse than Perl Harbor. However, you have treated THIS war as if it were a gang fight between old ladies knitting circles. In the same time period as we have been in Iraq, Roosevelt had conquered Italy, North Africa, liberated France, and our troops were on the way to Berlin. On the Asian Front, we were pushing Imperial Japanese troops back to the home islands. And YOU Mr. President, could not even sum up the intestinal fortitude to take out a loser such as Sadr in Iraq.

The American People will tolerate nothing short of victory. The GOP in Congress, after a wake up call from the voters, has shown that it too will settle for no less. Stop trying to placate Saudi Princes, and Arab Emirs. Give us victory Mr. President!



Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Amona revisited

A committee in the Knesset has been formed to investigate the various charges stemming from the Amona expulsion. PM Olmert, however, has promised to annul the committee after Israeli national elections.

To get an idea of the horror that was Amona, please take a look at this video. It is not the Disney Land version from the main stream press. It was taken on the ground. After, you may then decide for yourselves whether the charges made resulting from the expulsion, and events thereafter are justified.

You can either click on the url or copy and paste it into your browser. Please copy and paste it, and distribute it a widely as possible, after you've seen it.

Charges include: That the Govt planned and ordered:
Excessive use of force
Attempted murder
Sexual Harassment of minors
Politicization of the IDF and internal security forces
Covering up the existence of appx 60,000 illegal
Palestinian building projects.

The sexual harassment stems from the security forces groping breasts and vaginas while threatening rape as they beat the girls into hospitalization. After watching the video, please distribute the URL as widely as possible to get the word out.

If these accusations are true, Mr. Omert has disgraced the office of Prime Minister and replaced his title with that of the circled arm band of Kapo.

Where is Bnai Brith? Mssrs Leer and Asner are strangely silent. To be silent at this outrage is to approve of it. If this is not stopped, if the security forces are not taken back OUT of the political realm, and if clear guidelines are not set forth in the use of force, when deadly is justified and when not; Israel as a viable democracy has ceased to exist. Israel as a Jewish nation will soon follow in that fate; And our generation can live with the shame of yet another holocost that was so easily preventable.


Reference: Aruzt Sheva, Israel National TV.

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