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Monday, February 13, 2006

Why didn't you tell us?

This Post is NOT for Born Again Christians to read....language is explicit.....

I hear on Hannity and Rush that the main stream press is asking why they were not informed first about the VP's hunting accident (which I find quite hillarious, by the way....but that is just me)

My answer, for what it is worth is quite simple......

My dear Main Stream were not informed first because you are generally Lying Assholes whose Irrelevance is only exceeded by your Irrelevance....



At 11:10 AM, Anonymous Doll said...

I just added another post on this Paul. While I was posting there was a breaking news alert that the man who Cheney "shot" as the msm puts it, instead of [a]ccidentally shot reported that the man had a minor heart attack because a birdshot is lodged in his heart.

I am afraid this will no longer be hillarious. The damn msm and liberals are going to be like white on rice. Furthermore I feel sorry for Cheney. What was an accident is being turned into "shotogate".


At 11:31 AM, Blogger moderator said...

hi doll

Really sorry for the fellow, and of course it is no longer funny....

But MSM aside, 78 year old guys, with or without bird shot, tend to get heart attacks sometimes, and the excitement, plus after hunting, plus the bird shot, plus the publicity all probably had their affect.

But, as for the press, they will make themselves look callous, and even more idiotic than previously....of this I am certain.



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