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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gutless Wonders

The main-stream press has been obsessed with the Cheney accident. However, they have ignored much more important stories whose developments do not bode well for the Republic.

To whit. The Caractitures of Mohammad, which have sparked so much rioting and mayhem. The EU is now considering legislation that would make such cartoons a crime. This would leave the United States as one of only a very few nations with freedom of the press.

And what has our illustrious main stream press done with such freedom? Gotten on there non-earned high horses and expressed outrage at Cheney's tardiness in reporting his incident, but said main streamers do not have the intestinal fortitude to show solidarity with, in this case (and ohhhhhhhhhhhh does it grate to admit it!) heroic European counterparts in printing any of the cartoons.

The main-stream press is made up of mostly of spoiled, arrogant snobs who are the epitome of gutless wonders. Their cowardice makes their mere existance a waste of flesh, and a stench which weakens the Republic. If Hitler were to be reincarnated today, they would find reasons to not only appease, but join him (as long as they did not have to fight). Warriors, REAL Women and Men need to call these wimps to account, replace them, and start putting the guts back into our nation.

If we can not stand up to a few "rag-heads" whose bravery is only that of murdering infants and unarmed civilians, then we deserve the fall that we shall surely take.

I have not up until now even considered putting any of the offensive comix up, out of respect for religion. After all, I condemn anti Christian and anti Jewish art all of the time (without, however, calling for it to be banned, or inciting violence against those scum who create them). The EU legislation, however, motivated me to seek out the comix.....and I found one, that to me, was not only NOT disrespectful to the religion, but quite funny, as well.....while making a good point......the point being, that you so-called "Islamic" scum are blasphemous to the Prophet and Islam, to the point, that the only Virgins Mohammad would give you are the variety that go baaaaaaaaaaaaa...except that he won't be able to stand the site of you in order to give you what you have earned, due to your cowardice and desecration. You've taken what should have been a religion of wonder, peace, and intellectual excellence...and turned it into a murdering slime that Satan himself could not have equalled. You should be proud, because you have forsaken your Prophet to serve your own gods, which are the acts born of your own cowardice to face yourselves....the weak girly men that you have become. Consider this comic an "in your face" insult. If any Islamo-Fascists have a problem with it come and get me....I eagerly await you bastards.....




At 9:06 PM, Anonymous Doll said...

Hi Paul,

And I thought I was the [o]nly person in the world [b]old enough to call those fools 'rag heads'!

I have never seen such perversion amongst a group of people [a]rabs who mostly consist of [m]uslims.

Their 'so-called' religion is a spin off of Judism. Think about it. They do not eat 'pork' neither do Jews. They do not allow images or pictures to be present on the walls of their homes to discourage idolism. Many muslims wear that stupid scull cap and the Jews wear a hamukah. They are nothing but copy cats.

Look, that pedofiliac [m]ohammed had a nine year old [J]ewish girl as his wife. How the hell could any religion be of a 'noble faith' as W put it when the founder is a sex offender!

Those cartoons are nothing compared with the cartoons against Christians and Jews.

If their [a]llah, were so great, which [h]e is NOT, then tell me how come all those big bad [a]rab countries cannot defeat Israel which is not larger than the state of New Jersey.

They are all [P]athetic [S]lime. The Bible says of the decendants of Ishmeil, "your decendants will be wild jack asses in the world".

Sounds about right wouldn't you agree? As far as those cartoons go as far as I am concerned they would make great TP! :)


At 11:11 PM, Blogger moderator said...

Hi Doll.....

As far as Jackasses go, they have definately exceeded the standard.

My major problem, however, is with our own people. Too many elite institutions are not only ready for appeasement, but outright surrender. One idiot, I believe a San Francisco City Councilman, was on Hannity and Colmes calling for the end to the US Military. When pressed by both, he stated emphatically that he did not want the United States to have a military.

Pampered fools such as these were NOT what the founders of the Republic envisioned, and it is sickening.



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