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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cry for Zion, Pray for Zion, Fight for Israel

In a couple of days, I'll do a more in depth article about this on the main site. For now, let's talk about Amona. Hatred against the Jews has once again spilled over into enraged violence. This time however, not from Hamas or the other Fascists who call them selves Muslims. For far too long now, the latest being this incident, the hatred comes from Israeli security forces and the secular government.

In a mostly peacefull demonstration, some folks basically conducted a sit-in to protest the destruction of their homes, and the expolsion of themselves from said homes. The security forces did not remove them....they attacked them, beat them, in some cases into bloody pulps, and carried them away. A member of the Knesset was beaten bloody...several school girls were beaten to the point of hospitalization, a jewish mother was roughed up and the blouse torn off of her back for the hineous crime of touching the badge of one of the security personel.

In all of these cases, the forces on the ground showed contempt, indifference, or outright hatred for those that they were beating. At least one Government Minister, in a meeting with Orthodox School Girls, mocked the girls for going to an all girl school, mocked the girl's claims of abuse (beatings requiring hospitalization and sexual harassment.....said actions being recorded live via news and private media), and basically put the blame, not only of this incident, but of all of Israel's problems, on the girls' shoulders inferring that it was because they were Orthodox Jews with the termidity to actually practice their religion in their own country.

Recently, the Israeli Government compared these devoutly religous Jews to Hamas. These people have killed no-one. These people have taken no-one hostage. Many of those who have already been evicted from their homes have yet to receive compensation, have had much of their personal property stolen, and many of their children are now a good year behind the rest of the Country in education, as no schools were available to take them. These people have sawed the living heads off of no-one. And yet, the leader of the Socialists meets with Hamas, but refuses to meet with Likud; The goverment incites such hatred against these religious Jews, as to have incidents like this accepted, because apparently, in the Israeli Left Wing view, a Religious Jew is lower than the scum of Hamas and Al Qaida.

We as loyal Americans and Patriots should take a moment of peace from the rantings of our own Left wing, for a bit of contemplation and prayer. For in Israel, the State that was created as a homeland for the Jews; The Nation that was to be a refuge for Jews everywhere from the murderes and oppressors; The Nation that was formed so that the Holocost could never happen again; This Nation has been corrupted to the point, by its own Left Wing Elites, that Religious Jews can once again be oppressed with impunity, and hated with intensity, while those who would destroy them all, would be invited to "build a nation side by side", and the Children of Israel delivered bound and beaten, to the Children of Himmler.

American Jew, Christian, and Conservative. Thank God that it has not yet come to this point in our own Country. Pray ferverently for our brothers and sisters in Israel, that they may over-come the hatred of their own Countrymen and prevail over the animals who would destroy them. And then, go out.... and do battle with the Heartless Fascists and their Left Wing Allies, who have brought so much misery upon the World, who threaten Israel's very existence, and that of our own Republic.



Friday, February 17, 2006

US Should Not Have A Military......

San Francisco (this should be no surprise) Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval said on Hannity and Colmes, the other day, that the US should not have a Military. He stated (paraphrase) that war against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were OK, but now the US should not have a military. The Iraqi war, was given a reason (we should not have a military which goes around invading...etc), as was "What has a military done for us in the last 5 years?"...."We have spent billions of dollars that could have been used for...etc".....

It is fitting that California should have been the first site of Disneyland. Now, Disneyland and all of her pretty fantasies have apparently encompassed the entire state. There are several nation states that would like nothing better than to take the United States out, permanently. Then we have the Fascist Islamic Groups who are in open war with us. The of course the war in Iraq, and probably war with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

And what do we get from the Left? The US should not have a military. Never mind that said military is under the complete control of the CIVILIAN ELECTED GOVERNMENT.....Generals make no decisions when and where to go to war. This is done by our ELECTED Government.

Apparently, since the Left cannot win elections, they are eagar to make our Republic defenseless so as to surrender, at the first opportunity, to any country or group that hits us.

Why do our candidates not capitalize on this?....and do so again and again?....




Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gutless Wonders

The main-stream press has been obsessed with the Cheney accident. However, they have ignored much more important stories whose developments do not bode well for the Republic.

To whit. The Caractitures of Mohammad, which have sparked so much rioting and mayhem. The EU is now considering legislation that would make such cartoons a crime. This would leave the United States as one of only a very few nations with freedom of the press.

And what has our illustrious main stream press done with such freedom? Gotten on there non-earned high horses and expressed outrage at Cheney's tardiness in reporting his incident, but said main streamers do not have the intestinal fortitude to show solidarity with, in this case (and ohhhhhhhhhhhh does it grate to admit it!) heroic European counterparts in printing any of the cartoons.

The main-stream press is made up of mostly of spoiled, arrogant snobs who are the epitome of gutless wonders. Their cowardice makes their mere existance a waste of flesh, and a stench which weakens the Republic. If Hitler were to be reincarnated today, they would find reasons to not only appease, but join him (as long as they did not have to fight). Warriors, REAL Women and Men need to call these wimps to account, replace them, and start putting the guts back into our nation.

If we can not stand up to a few "rag-heads" whose bravery is only that of murdering infants and unarmed civilians, then we deserve the fall that we shall surely take.

I have not up until now even considered putting any of the offensive comix up, out of respect for religion. After all, I condemn anti Christian and anti Jewish art all of the time (without, however, calling for it to be banned, or inciting violence against those scum who create them). The EU legislation, however, motivated me to seek out the comix.....and I found one, that to me, was not only NOT disrespectful to the religion, but quite funny, as well.....while making a good point......the point being, that you so-called "Islamic" scum are blasphemous to the Prophet and Islam, to the point, that the only Virgins Mohammad would give you are the variety that go baaaaaaaaaaaaa...except that he won't be able to stand the site of you in order to give you what you have earned, due to your cowardice and desecration. You've taken what should have been a religion of wonder, peace, and intellectual excellence...and turned it into a murdering slime that Satan himself could not have equalled. You should be proud, because you have forsaken your Prophet to serve your own gods, which are the acts born of your own cowardice to face yourselves....the weak girly men that you have become. Consider this comic an "in your face" insult. If any Islamo-Fascists have a problem with it come and get me....I eagerly await you bastards.....



Monday, February 13, 2006

Why didn't you tell us?

This Post is NOT for Born Again Christians to read....language is explicit.....

I hear on Hannity and Rush that the main stream press is asking why they were not informed first about the VP's hunting accident (which I find quite hillarious, by the way....but that is just me)

My answer, for what it is worth is quite simple......

My dear Main Stream were not informed first because you are generally Lying Assholes whose Irrelevance is only exceeded by your Irrelevance....


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

German court orders convicted Sept. 11 accomplice released

Germany's high court today, ordered the release of Mounir el Motassadeq a Morocan, who was a member of the Al Queda cell that also boasted 3 of the Sept 11 highjackers.

What the ... is going on? First the Germans release the murderer of an American serviceman, apparently in a deal to get one of their own released in Iraq. Now they release this guy.

Our State Dept. sent 4 explanations to the family of said soldier, all contradictory. Now we get this.

It is now more than fair to ask, what the White House reaction is, if any, and was the White House informed of this and the other release? Was a deal made with the Germans? Did we, in our ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooo self righteous need to "reach out" OK this with the Germans?

Questions need to be asked, and asked now. President Bush is still "President" Bush, only due to the right wing of the GOP. Without us, Kerry would have won...period. RCS, and others.....where are you on this one? Ask the tough questions and then take!

We are at war with these animals, and ANYONE who sides with them in such a manner should be appropriately dealt with, be it our so-called allies, or within our own government.

Sources...Associated Press

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