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Monday, January 23, 2006

Mrs. Bill Clinton

I just heard this excellent term on Rush Limbaugh (

Rush said it in jest, but I propose that we take this term very seriously. Why? Because it is an excellent introductary phrase to destroy her on her beliefs, statements, and record.

Consider a compare and contrast Attwater type ad.....

Mrs. Bill Clinton...
- Talk to the fanatics in Iran?
- The House of Representatives a slave owning plantation?
- Depend upon France and Germany for our security?
- Raise taxes and destory the economy?
- Sign Kyoto and let Europe take our jobs?

- Destory Iran's nuclear weapons before they can destroy us.
- Equal rights and true diversity in a Republican Congress
- Depend upon the United States for our own security
- Keep taxes low on middle and lower income earners, no income tax for the poor
- Ignore Kyoto for the lie it is and continue to create American Jobs.

Mrs Clinton or PRESIDENT Bush. Surrender or Victory. The choice is not even close.

With the proper graphics, campaigns such as these would ensure victory. A few changes towards conservative policy (border, plo, spending, flat tax, etc), would esure a landslide.

We have to take nothing from these left wing scum. It is long past time that we did not.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Osama bin Laden Dead

Source: National Review Online.
The story is


According to the article, reliable Iranian sources have informed the author that Osama died of kidney failure some 3 weeks ago, in Iran, and is buried there. One of the sources quoted by the informants is Osama's number two, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

This should be a bit difficult, but by no means impossible to verify. Where is the main-stream press? Stupid question, I know, but a more relevant one would be where is the balanced, and conservative press?

If, in fact, Osama was given sacturary in Iran, this by itself represents a major shift in alliances, as the Iranian govt, and the Tallibhan absolutely hated eachother. This is also another solid reason, again if substantiated, why we need to hit Iran, and hit her hard. Take out the government infrastucture, and give the people there an opportunity to rule themselves. Iran is not Iraq. The Persians loath thier overlords, and most would either not care if they fell, or be quite jubilant at the prospect. After already having lived under an Islamic "Republic" I doubt whether they would allow themselves to be oppressed again.

For the first link to this, and daily stories from Iran, go here, to Regime Change Iran's blog - Politics - Belafonte Says Bush Is 'Greatest Terrorist in the World,' Praises Venezuela...

The story is

This comment is so stupid, alot of those going around lately, I was really at a loss at a clever retort...but then John Gibson to the rescue, to whit: "I think old Harry is actually working hard to make Pat Robertson look good".

That DEFINATELY says it all! The rest of his commentary is here.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Robertson Suggests God Smote Sharon

The story from CNN is

Let's face it. CNN is not the most nuetral news organization in the world...The epitath of Commie News Network, has been well earned. But, for the sake of argument, we'll assume that the story is accurate.

My position is, for what it's worth, anyway, that idiot comments like this make us all look bad. Look, if G-d was going to clip somebody one would think Usama would be up there on the list. How G-d works, what he does, is his realm. We have the Bible and Spirit to guide us to do His will. Since we live in a republic, WE are Ceasar, and are morally obligated to vote, based upon the principals of His word.

We as conservatives, despite having over 70% of the American electorate agreeing with us, on the issues, overall, can name about 9 senators who could be called conservative, less than 20% of the House, who could be called conservative, and a President, who is sometimes conservative at best....President Bush's support stems from his promise to appoint strict constructionalist Federal Judges.

To put it bluntly, we are miserable at getting our people elected and getting our agenda passed.

Comments like the one Roberson made, and has made, are symptomatic of this. Robertson is about 90% correct, from a conservative viewpoint, when he speaks. It is the 10% that kills us.

Instead of analyzing the Wrath of G-d, I would suggest, we hit issues hard, which is something we have yet to do, and actually start winning some elections, and getting legislation passed, for once.

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