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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wire taps

One more little comment about the Bush wire taps. (story
here )

If you think you've lost your rights because of it, be happy! Because you haven't had said rights for the last 72 years.....

In 1934, Congress passed the Communications Act which outlawed wiretapping. Several years later, as war clouds gathered, Hoover (J Edgar Hoover...thanx Ed) reversed his stand. Backed by Congressman Emanuel Celler, he pushed for authorization to wiretap in matters involving “the national security.” The legislation was tabled, but President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who admired Hoover’s tough posturing, gave executive authority for the attorney general “to approve wiretapping when necessary involving the defense of the nation.”

A history of wire taps and the rest of this article can be found at "Eavesdropping Detection History"

We're at war, morons. Get a life.


I was a Burglar, Wiretapper, Bugger, and Spy for the F.B.I.
By William W. Turner - 1966
From: A Muckraker's Guide to 1968 & other horrors

(RAMPARTS staff writer William W. Turner served as an F.B.I. special agent from 1951-1961, receiving several personal commendations from Director J. Edgar Hoover. He has also served as consulting editor to the Police Evidence Library series.)


At 3:44 PM, Blogger EdMcGon said...

Just a nitpick, but Roosevelt was president in 1934.

At 10:05 AM, Anonymous Doll said...

The drama of the lefts 'outrage' over this has grown weary. These morons do not give credit to the American people always touting their mantra 'the American people'. Well the American people do have brains, do know how to read, and for the most part want this administration to protect them.

True, Roosevelt was president in 1934, but the same principles apply, we are at war against global terrorism. To those nay sayers in this country, wake up and get real.

At 1:46 PM, Blogger EdMcGon said...

Doll, don't get me wrong. I agree completely. I was just pointing out what I thought was an error (it turned out he was talking about J. Edgar and not Herbert). Like I said, just a nitpick.

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Doll said...

No problem [big grin]. I understand and in the blogosphere it is important that we have our facts straight. With the left gone wild the last thing we need are errors.


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