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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why the Silence?

I cannot believe, that the murderer of an American serviceman, is let free by the German government, and nobody, except for a few (Schlussel, Malkin, et. al.) are reporting it. And I am abhorred that nothing has been said out of Washington about it.

Bush's internal spying is certainally getting alot of headlines, and it is also quite irrelevant. Just another non-issue by the democrats played on by the main stream press. Consider, that most people would want Bush impeached had he NOT authorized domestic warrantless spying. Consider also that during WWII, FDR had OK'd a request by the British Secret Service to assanssinate a US citizen.

But this....A couple of years ago, a leader of HAMAS was asked why he did not fear the Americans. He was honest about it. He said that all HAMAS had to do was start to call for peace with Isreal, and the US would back down. And this is what they are doing now, in Iraq, as well as in the rest of the world. The waiting game.

And wait they will, with our own press, opposition party, and so-called friendly nations giving them all of the support that they can. They will wait, and then hit us, wait, and hit us again and again. And if they are captured? Gee, the have to endure a few years of 5 star cuisine at places like GITMO, and then get released.

American soldiers are dying. American soldiers are being betrayed at home. American soldiers are being derided and targeted in places other than Iraq. And we do not have the intestinal fortitude, as a people, to demand justice be done to the murderer of one of our sons and the ongoing murders of our sons and daughters in uniform. God help us all.


At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well done
i totally agree


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