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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why Professor Johnny Can't Spell Revisited

This is my response to the actions of Warren County Community College, in the Professor John Daly affair (See prior post).

Dear Sir,

I must say, that I was quite surprised, said surprise bordering on shock, at your actions immediately following the uncovering of the Professor Daly affair.

That evening, you convened an emergency meeting, at which Professor Daly submitted (via letter, and not in person) his resignation.

Your swift action in regards to the charges against Prof. Daley, have nothing to do with politics. Indeed, your personal politics were quite irrelevant. What is all important, is that you were informed of a Professor, actively not only censoring a student, but instituting a de facto witch hunt against her. And you acted with speed and decisiveness.

You have proven, quite publicly at that, that you and your instituion will not tolerate bigotry from any quarter. You have shown publicly your dedication to excellence in academic scholarship vs demagoguery and the persecution by those with power of those without.

Implicitly in this, you, in however small your part of the world is, have defended the principles upon which the Republic is based. Had we more principled professionals as yourself, the Republic would be much closer to what the founders had intended, and honest intense debate would have mostly replaced the screaming bigoted diatribes of hatred that we are infected with today.


Paul Joseph Payer


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