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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another Non-Issue

I seriously do not want to bother with this, but I'll put this down just this once. The Left is making a fuss, egged on by the main stream press, about the FBI monitoring certain areas and groups for radiation, without warrant, and (gasp) monitoring domestic telephone conversations on calls recieved by suspected or known Al Queda operatives outside of the US.

Consider. The old Soviet arsenal is missing several nukes. A former CIA fellow has a book out, not only outlining this, but claiming that we already have sleeper nukes within our borders. He goes on to espouse when we are nuked and not if.

Even if the above were nonsense, what happened to the nukes, not that they are missing, as that is fact based upon General Lebit's inventories under President Yeltsin; With all of the crazies around the world who would love nothing better than to take out a few million of us, President Bush would have to be out of his mind NOT to authorize such survielence.

Historically, Presidents have, in time of war, authorized such things as clipping (murdering, for those of you not from Jersey) American citizen(s) (FDR, in response to a British secret service request), black bag jobs (breaking into embassies or other suspect places without warrant for intellengence purposes), and assasinations of foriegn leaders. With all of the caterwalling the left is making about thier freedoms being curtailed, one would think that everyone in the Republic was being silenced (except for said caterwallers, of course). Get a life.

So, cry me a river. If the President is guilty of anything, it is not going far enough in securing us via said spying.


At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Doll said...

I totally agree. Furthermore with the lefts empty rants I am begining to believe we need to put skirts on them. They have no backbone and when it comes to the war on terror they are whinners and ingrates. Our president has kept us free of harm since 9/11 and these MOONBATS still do not get it!


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