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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another "friend" Stabs us in the Back

Just read John Gibson's piece on Fox news
"O Canada".

In the same vein as the German government, apparently Canada has been aiding and comforting terrorist fighters, who kill Americans. Specifically, the family Khadr. The father, being Osama's financial advisor and fund raising coordinator, was killed in Afghanistan. Of the three sons, one wounded to paralysis in that same country, the other at GITMO, for murdering a medic while receiving medical treatment for wounds he had suffered during a battle with US forces. The US is demanding extradition of the third son, on terrorism charges.

So, let us consider for a moment. The Germans release a Hamas murderer of an American off duty GI. Canada, lets terrorists leave for other parts of the world to kill Americans, gives them welfare and health insurance when they come back to Canada for R+R, until they go back out again to kill more Americans.

This is the same Canada, whose PM is soooooooooooooooo incensed about comments by US officials that Canadian politicians should stop using anti-American rhetoric in the up coming campaign.

With heart felt sympathy(and I really do mean it) to Canadians, such as those who run the excellent website Proud to be Canadian, this should not be tolerated, and retribution should be handed out swiftly and publicly. Canada, by these actions has made herself a belligerent, on the side of the terrorists operating in Iraq. It goes beyond the scope of anything reasonable, as to imagine why the White House, nor State Dept, has not censured, sanctioned, and otherwise condemned the Canadian actions to date.

The belligerent countries, such as Germany, and now Canada, are not only putting our soldiers and ourselves as Americans at risk, but are now actively responsible for the death of our men and women in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Mr. President. You have sent our boys and women into battle for the preservation of our Republic, and the freedoms inherent there-in. You have not only a constitutional obligation, but a moral one as well, to answer these acts of belligerence and war, with an overwhelming firmness that will ensure, that our troops and our people are never used as "punching bags" nor our Republic threatened by formerly friendly nations again.


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