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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wire taps

One more little comment about the Bush wire taps. (story
here )

If you think you've lost your rights because of it, be happy! Because you haven't had said rights for the last 72 years.....

In 1934, Congress passed the Communications Act which outlawed wiretapping. Several years later, as war clouds gathered, Hoover (J Edgar Hoover...thanx Ed) reversed his stand. Backed by Congressman Emanuel Celler, he pushed for authorization to wiretap in matters involving “the national security.” The legislation was tabled, but President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who admired Hoover’s tough posturing, gave executive authority for the attorney general “to approve wiretapping when necessary involving the defense of the nation.”

A history of wire taps and the rest of this article can be found at "Eavesdropping Detection History"

We're at war, morons. Get a life.


I was a Burglar, Wiretapper, Bugger, and Spy for the F.B.I.
By William W. Turner - 1966
From: A Muckraker's Guide to 1968 & other horrors

(RAMPARTS staff writer William W. Turner served as an F.B.I. special agent from 1951-1961, receiving several personal commendations from Director J. Edgar Hoover. He has also served as consulting editor to the Police Evidence Library series.)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Another Non-Issue

I seriously do not want to bother with this, but I'll put this down just this once. The Left is making a fuss, egged on by the main stream press, about the FBI monitoring certain areas and groups for radiation, without warrant, and (gasp) monitoring domestic telephone conversations on calls recieved by suspected or known Al Queda operatives outside of the US.

Consider. The old Soviet arsenal is missing several nukes. A former CIA fellow has a book out, not only outlining this, but claiming that we already have sleeper nukes within our borders. He goes on to espouse when we are nuked and not if.

Even if the above were nonsense, what happened to the nukes, not that they are missing, as that is fact based upon General Lebit's inventories under President Yeltsin; With all of the crazies around the world who would love nothing better than to take out a few million of us, President Bush would have to be out of his mind NOT to authorize such survielence.

Historically, Presidents have, in time of war, authorized such things as clipping (murdering, for those of you not from Jersey) American citizen(s) (FDR, in response to a British secret service request), black bag jobs (breaking into embassies or other suspect places without warrant for intellengence purposes), and assasinations of foriegn leaders. With all of the caterwalling the left is making about thier freedoms being curtailed, one would think that everyone in the Republic was being silenced (except for said caterwallers, of course). Get a life.

So, cry me a river. If the President is guilty of anything, it is not going far enough in securing us via said spying.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another "friend" Stabs us in the Back

Just read John Gibson's piece on Fox news
"O Canada".

In the same vein as the German government, apparently Canada has been aiding and comforting terrorist fighters, who kill Americans. Specifically, the family Khadr. The father, being Osama's financial advisor and fund raising coordinator, was killed in Afghanistan. Of the three sons, one wounded to paralysis in that same country, the other at GITMO, for murdering a medic while receiving medical treatment for wounds he had suffered during a battle with US forces. The US is demanding extradition of the third son, on terrorism charges.

So, let us consider for a moment. The Germans release a Hamas murderer of an American off duty GI. Canada, lets terrorists leave for other parts of the world to kill Americans, gives them welfare and health insurance when they come back to Canada for R+R, until they go back out again to kill more Americans.

This is the same Canada, whose PM is soooooooooooooooo incensed about comments by US officials that Canadian politicians should stop using anti-American rhetoric in the up coming campaign.

With heart felt sympathy(and I really do mean it) to Canadians, such as those who run the excellent website Proud to be Canadian, this should not be tolerated, and retribution should be handed out swiftly and publicly. Canada, by these actions has made herself a belligerent, on the side of the terrorists operating in Iraq. It goes beyond the scope of anything reasonable, as to imagine why the White House, nor State Dept, has not censured, sanctioned, and otherwise condemned the Canadian actions to date.

The belligerent countries, such as Germany, and now Canada, are not only putting our soldiers and ourselves as Americans at risk, but are now actively responsible for the death of our men and women in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Mr. President. You have sent our boys and women into battle for the preservation of our Republic, and the freedoms inherent there-in. You have not only a constitutional obligation, but a moral one as well, to answer these acts of belligerence and war, with an overwhelming firmness that will ensure, that our troops and our people are never used as "punching bags" nor our Republic threatened by formerly friendly nations again.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Why the Silence?

I cannot believe, that the murderer of an American serviceman, is let free by the German government, and nobody, except for a few (Schlussel, Malkin, et. al.) are reporting it. And I am abhorred that nothing has been said out of Washington about it.

Bush's internal spying is certainally getting alot of headlines, and it is also quite irrelevant. Just another non-issue by the democrats played on by the main stream press. Consider, that most people would want Bush impeached had he NOT authorized domestic warrantless spying. Consider also that during WWII, FDR had OK'd a request by the British Secret Service to assanssinate a US citizen.

But this....A couple of years ago, a leader of HAMAS was asked why he did not fear the Americans. He was honest about it. He said that all HAMAS had to do was start to call for peace with Isreal, and the US would back down. And this is what they are doing now, in Iraq, as well as in the rest of the world. The waiting game.

And wait they will, with our own press, opposition party, and so-called friendly nations giving them all of the support that they can. They will wait, and then hit us, wait, and hit us again and again. And if they are captured? Gee, the have to endure a few years of 5 star cuisine at places like GITMO, and then get released.

American soldiers are dying. American soldiers are being betrayed at home. American soldiers are being derided and targeted in places other than Iraq. And we do not have the intestinal fortitude, as a people, to demand justice be done to the murderer of one of our sons and the ongoing murders of our sons and daughters in uniform. God help us all.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Terrorist Murderer of American Secretly Released by Germany

This is horrifying. I just got this from Michelle Malkin's blog, .

Apparently, the German Government has released the Hezbollah terrorist who tortured and murdered Navy diver Robert Dean Stethem. The release stinks of a deal between said government and Iraqi terrorists, as a German Hostage was released by them, at about the same time.

Hopefully the White House, will scream bloody murder, for once, about this.

As far as our own policy goes, I have just one strategem to suggest. The terrorist is now out of German Custody. Mr. President.....Get the bastard.

The referenced source is Debbie Schlussel Debbie

All Time Favorite Dr. Mike Adams Response

At least to this point. This is a partial response, in answer to a fellow bemoaning Dr. Adams exposure of hypocrisy among some feminists.....To Whit:

Please note: I would never have sexually harassed Candelaria. I would have tossed her undocumented ass out of the country.

See the entire quote, and alot more, here (

Why Professor Johnny Can't Spell Revisited

This is my response to the actions of Warren County Community College, in the Professor John Daly affair (See prior post).

Dear Sir,

I must say, that I was quite surprised, said surprise bordering on shock, at your actions immediately following the uncovering of the Professor Daly affair.

That evening, you convened an emergency meeting, at which Professor Daly submitted (via letter, and not in person) his resignation.

Your swift action in regards to the charges against Prof. Daley, have nothing to do with politics. Indeed, your personal politics were quite irrelevant. What is all important, is that you were informed of a Professor, actively not only censoring a student, but instituting a de facto witch hunt against her. And you acted with speed and decisiveness.

You have proven, quite publicly at that, that you and your instituion will not tolerate bigotry from any quarter. You have shown publicly your dedication to excellence in academic scholarship vs demagoguery and the persecution by those with power of those without.

Implicitly in this, you, in however small your part of the world is, have defended the principles upon which the Republic is based. Had we more principled professionals as yourself, the Republic would be much closer to what the founders had intended, and honest intense debate would have mostly replaced the screaming bigoted diatribes of hatred that we are infected with today.


Paul Joseph Payer

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