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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Random Thoughts on Iraq

Funny how the same strategic and tactical arguments being made now as were made for Vietnam. The major difference of course, is that our leadership was a bit on the timid side because of the fear of starting World War III (LBJ especially). Soooooooooo

Argument: More troops would only make them targets

Counter: That is crap...IF THEY ARE PROPERLY UTILIZED. about a quarter of a million more troops. a small part of this to secure the border, engage in skirmishes, but more importantly to call in support. Any armed force then crossing the border would have massive power called upon them. The nations in the region, Syria and Iran in particular, should be put on notice that these terrorists would be persued into thier respective countries, and a swath of about a mile wide would be decimated (military targets of course), as far into the said nation, as the enemy managed to get befor being either killed or captured. I don't think incursions would be much of a problem after a couple of these forays.

Argument: Can't fire on a Mosque or Church, as it violates Geneva Convention.

Counter: If hostile fire recieved from any place normally protected by the Laws of Land Warefare, they loose thier protected status according to these same laws, and may be attacked. We should do so with massive fire power, rebuild the things and restore them using funds confiscated from Al Queda, and the like.


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